Pirates offer to sell dead woman's body

2011-10-20 19:16

Paris - Kidnappers who seized a wheelchair-bound French woman, who later died in Somalia, are now trying to sell her body, France's defence minister said on Thursday.

Marie Dedieu, 66 and a cancer sufferer, was abducted in the early hours of October 1 from a private house on the island of Manda on Kenya's northern coast.

Dedieu died, probably after her captors failed to give her the daily medication she needed, France said on Wednesday.

"You have to know that the hostage takers are even looking to sell her body... It is completely disgusting," Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said on i-Tele TV.

"Letting her get blood poisoning, which is what she probably died of, and then trying to sell her body [shows] that these people only deserve contempt," Longuet added.

A wave of kidnappings spurred Kenya to send troops across the border to support government forces in neighbouring Somalia in a risky attempt to secure the frontier and its hinterland.

The abductions have threatened Kenya's multi-million dollar tourism industry.

Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Wednesday Paris had been trying to secure Dedieu's freedom and to pass medication to her captors through four different channels, but the kidnappers had not given it to her.

Somali pirates

Somali pirates had said she was being held in Somalia. The al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab militant group controls large chunks of the lawless country's south and central regions.

Analysts and diplomats in the region have warned that Somali pirates were likely to turn to softer targets, such as tourists in Kenya, in response to more robust defence of merchant vessels.

Longuet said it was unlikely the kidnappers would be caught and face justice. "The most likely is that they will destroy each other because it is a permanent state of civil war, [in Somalia]," he said.

Dedieu was the fourth French citizen to die in 18 months after being taken hostage.

France still has eight nationals held overseas, including a member of its security forces in Somalia, three aid workers in Yemen and four in North Africa's Sahel belt, who will mark their 400th day in captivity on Friday.

  • Ronald - 2011-10-20 20:21

    Just when you think that these humanoids cannot sink lower, they re-write the definition of human scum. As Danny Devito said in his one movie, these pirates are "genetic garbage".

  • douglasblee - 2011-10-20 20:25

    Blockade the whole Somali coastline fro all shipping and small boats, nothing leaves their ports without being arrested or sunk, until they sort i tout internally. They will.

      joneethling - 2011-10-20 21:16

      Won't happen. Nothing in it for France, who have the power to act, but will not. The French Politician does not care, he is just using this woman's death to score political points, so he is no better than the pirates. Would like it if I am proved wrong, but don't hold your breath

  • Cheryl - 2011-10-20 20:26

    Savages...we need to colonise them again.

      johncarlos.biza - 2011-10-20 20:42

      When did your family colonize Somalian pirates? Adding an extra chapter to history there...

      Chris - 2011-10-20 21:17

      Colonise? Nah, contain them through a screen of warships in the ocean, and give military support to Ethopia and Kenya to make sure they don't break out. All the Sharia laws, piracy, corruption they'll ever want for...

  • nitesh.khoosal - 2011-10-20 20:27

    welcome to africa, the only continent thats moving backwards

  • Jou - 2011-10-20 21:32

    is the ANC releated to these pirates??

  • Gareth - 2011-10-20 22:45

    Why are we all so surprised? Media houses do it all the time. The only difference here is that the Somali's are donig it in 3D ...

      Chris - 2011-10-20 23:24

      Let me try understand houses kidnap the physically impaired "all the time", this should apparently not surprise me, and Somalis have better TVs than News24 (3D!!!). Did this cover it...and would you be willing to share whatever it is you're smoking?

      joneethling - 2011-10-21 01:03

      He means media houses sell death. Somebody 100 years ago said that newspapers are only good for telling us that somebody far away who we did no know, has died.

      Gareth - 2011-10-24 21:31

      Thank You Joneethling... I have been trying to find a way to explain my maddenly 'Sub' Subtext...

  • Michael McN - 2011-10-21 04:38

    Chris, bombing them back to the Stone Age probably wouldn't take a whole aircraft carrier. Maybe just a camel laden with IEDs and a stone.

  • Darryl - 2011-10-21 08:38

    Somalia= Hell on Earth, it scares me...

  • BigBoer - 2011-10-21 08:44

    Somalis are animals man

  • Gail - 2011-10-21 10:40

    What can or should be done here? Does France invade Somalia killing innocent and starving Somalians living off their wits in pursuit of wilier survivors? Do not pay to get her body back. She was dying anyway, they just speeded up the process of natural attrition. Sa ends up with these scumbags who obtained their weapons from the West or the East loosely speaking, because of profit. What goes around comes around and the people who did this will turn on each other as easily as they have pirated tankers and yachts etc. You don't want to be a victim either stay out of range or start your own mercenary group and then you become one of the baddies.

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