Rajoelina reappoints ex-PM in new govt

2011-03-16 13:55

Antananarivo - Madagascar's leader Andry Rajoelina said Wednesday he has re-appointed as prime minister Camille Vital, who resigned last week, to pave the way for the formation of a new government.

"Having thought the matter over at length and after considering all aspects of the situation, particularly from the point of view of what is best for the nation, I chose general Camille Vital," Rajoelina told journalists.

Vital resigned from his post on Thursday after almost 15 months in the job.

In the latest proposal to end the political turmoil in this Indian Ocean island, mediators suggested that Vital, whose first appointment was made by Rajoelina alone, resign so that a candidate acceptable to all parties could be appointed.

Vital however re-applied for the post.

Rajoelina said he chose to re-appoint the outgoing premier because he is "a God-fearing man who abides by the truth, an upright man with a sense of national responsibility and a man who stands for consensus and union".

Vital has always described himself as neutral despite his links to Rajoelina's camp.

"He chose me because of my achievements so far," Vital told AFP, when asked if he was really a consensus candidate.

Rajoelina ousted president Marc Ravalomanana from power with the army's backing two years ago but failed to secure international legitimacy and the Indian Ocean island has since been mired in a deep political crisis.