Intercape bus attacked in Moz

2013-04-06 22:58

Maputo - Armed men from Mozambique's former rebel group Renamo attacked a truck and a bus carrying civilians in the central Sofala province on Saturday killing two, authorities said.

"They [Renamo] attacked two vehicles - a bus and a truck... there were two deaths in the truck and two civilian women injured in the bus," Arnaldo Machohe, administrator of the town of the Chibabava district, told AFP.

Renamo denied any part in the killing of the two civilians.

"Renamo distances itself from this attack. During the civil war we had identical situations where Frelimo used our uniforms and blamed us for attacks on civilians," the head of Renamo's Security and Defence wing, Ossufo Momad, told AFP.

"After 20 years of peace why would we want to do this?" asked Momad who accused the Frelimo-led government of setting up the attack on civilian vehicles in order to blame the Renamo opposition.

The incidents came two days after Renamo was said to have attacked a police squadron in the town of Muxungwe, 30km away, killing four police officers.

In Saturday's attack the group, armed with AK47 assault rifles, stopped the truck transporting petrol on the road leading to the capital Maputo, Machohe said. They killed its two occupants.

They also attacked an Intercape bus with around 60 passengers on board.

"Two women were injured on the bus. They are in hospital in Muxungwe," said Machohe.

"We don't know why they are stopping civilian vehicles. The population are fleeing their homes and fields. The whole district is living in fear," Machohe said.

  • Johann Enslin - 2013-04-07 00:19

    And it starts...

      Ernica Stanford - 2013-04-07 03:56

      Oh yes...

      Rory Neil Price - 2013-04-07 10:34

      You beat me to it, no border fence or control, inadequately trained police and troops we are going to get the brunt of it, rise in poaching in Kruger, and refugees fleeing the border, problem is are they terrs, or freedom fighters to that Stortkop

  • Joe Smit - 2013-04-07 00:32

    Couldn't handle being normal and civil. An inborn desire to self-destruct..

      kseyffert - 2013-04-07 15:26

      That's the problem with civil war. Once the participants get used to the life, they just can't settle down to a normal life. Just another reason any country to avoid civil war. Libya just finished one and take a look at well things are going there. How about Egypt? WAR in any form is bad. You only get losers, no matter how you look at it!

  • Tyrone Marcus - 2013-04-07 01:57

    Aaron you better get your facts straight before you just go ahead and post a comment like that. Jewish jackals? Think before you write.

  • Nelius Becker - 2013-04-07 04:38

    To many chiefs not enough indians....hey no problem let's just start a war again......

      Arthur Salvado - 2013-04-07 08:24

      Nelius, why would you want a war again ? Silly don't you think !

  • Johan Esterhuizen - 2013-04-07 05:01

    And we are about to tour Moz for our next Holiday. Bye Bye Moz hallo Balito KZN

      Gray Braatvedt - 2013-04-07 07:22

      Johan, you clearly don't read the news about Ballito do you? Two weeks ago a full scale taxi war erupted in the middle of the business district. Bullets flying all over the place. How different is that to the chances if being taken out in Moz?

      Maria Ferreira - 2013-04-07 08:55

      You not missing anything...... I have been there several times. Hoping my next visit is better than the last. Everytime we are either robbed, our vehicle stoned. Bribes from the beginning to the end. I speak the language, which helps, and yet I find it very stressful. Most of the locals have an attitude, and they drive like lunatics. I do not like Mozambique.

      Henk Van Biljon - 2013-04-07 09:27

      Yes Maria, I travelled through Mozambique from the North to the South. The difference is amazing. To the South the place is in tatters and all the low-life scum is drifting towards South Africa. Holiday towns are overrun by criminals and the so-called police are in on it. Although the children are eager to learn, they quickly grasp the fact that there is no future there, and resort to graft and theft. The country seem to suffer from the African Malady, with a high fever to boot. The small window of normality the country had after the war, is closing fast.

      Joan King - 2013-04-08 06:15

      My experiences in the last two weeks (our 3rd holiday) near Inhambane were awesome. We were not stopped in a single roadblock, everyone was friendly and we only had one problem. Admittedly, our holiday was in a less developed, more rural area. My friend had her cellphone snatched from her hand while we were driving through Maputo and she was taking pictures. We could see that the local people around us were very unhappy with what happened but were frightened to offer assistance. We enjoy Mozambique and will definitely return.

      Sandra Luzia Phoya - 2013-04-11 22:34

      Maria Ferreira, I'm a very proud Mozambican and it really annoys me when people like you keep visiting my country and make such comments. If you really dislike Mozambique as you say you do, why do you keep going?

  • Mokgadi M Masete - 2013-04-07 06:26

    As if we don't have enough conflict in neighboring African States. They (Mozambicans)too will be fleeing their country into SA.

      Fezile Ntontela - 2013-04-07 08:02

      oh!! i.wonder what will happen to those white farmers who are living there

  • Adrian Bryan Wendler - 2013-04-07 06:31

    WTF?? How cowardly!!

  • Peter Zylstra - 2013-04-07 07:02

    This just again shows that the Africans have not yet reached political maturity. If you don't like your opposition, kill them!

      Motlalepula Matshwe - 2013-04-07 09:07

      and peter zylstra you are?Maybe european or american.....

  • Nkosinathi.Sibbs - 2013-04-07 07:17

    Apartheid that sponsered Renamo is dead where will they get arms from? In Africa there has been no intellectual revolution

      Thulasizwe Khumalo - 2013-04-07 08:21

      The morons are starting the civil war again. They must stop this.

  • Adepoju Mosebo - 2013-04-07 07:30

    How do they know that it is Renamo? The reporter is so sure, he does even mention the word Alleged! It is nt fair @all!

      Leon Kisten - 2013-04-07 07:51

      It says they wore that uniform

  • Tnay Ronald Mavuru - 2013-04-07 08:14

    I see a number of white pple wanting to poimt out race as the reasom for the conflicts in africa. Ok if we choose to turn a blind eye on how the IRA in ireland has been bombing cvilians saying they are fighting for freedom, and just continue to say black ppl do not have political maturity. Were do u think these rebels are getting the guns from?, yo first world countries finance rebels to have chaos so they steal minerals at a cheaper cost becoz the majority of white racists will say it the blacks who do not have maturity. Do not insult our kind with yo white supremecy garbage and let the views not be about race and let them be aboutbthe facts only that. Come on havent we played the race card long enough..

      Henk Van Biljon - 2013-04-07 09:41

      Tnay I realize it must be irritating like hell, but facts are facts.

  • Thloni Bailey Firehiney Masipa - 2013-04-07 09:05

    Every article i read seems to warrant a floor that exposes the deep racism and hatred amoung South Africans. 60 people were attacked, 4 killed but no comment showing empathy towards the victims. . . No its become a racial warground. Im dissapointed. i bet if there was an artice about jelly tots we (South Africans) would make it a racial debate. Crime is crime. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. . .

      Henk Van Biljon - 2013-04-07 09:44

      Thloni, yes crime is crime. But unfortunately it is evident that crime and violence is committed more by a certain race. It seems to come natural. You cannot prevent people from recognizing the trend, and then comment on it.

  • Mapsikolosha Ka Mobu - 2013-04-07 09:09

    Some fights here on our continent are just not understandable. Out of the blues a fight is just started. If i can ask, what's the reason for the killing of those 2 truck occupants who are delivering petrol? If they desperately need a hearing on certain issues they simply need to organize events and from there they must 'sell' their stories. But to kill people!, they'll always be on the run for rest of their lives and never even have a slightest chance to 'sell' whatever story they may have in their heads. And this will amount to the political immaturity that most Europeans accuse all of Africa with.

      Joao Nunes - 2013-04-07 10:49

      This not about is about coal, oil, gas........

  • Hash Jadawat - 2013-04-07 09:28


  • Joao Nunes - 2013-04-07 10:37

    These bandits are sponsored by interested third parties from outside of Moz and this is not difficult because: Those in power have no respect for their own people and are only worried about themselves. With the recent discovery of various mineral resources, the African Formula of "gryp, rape and escape" will kick in. A few years ago we had the more sophisticated version here in "polokwane" sponsored by the chinese via Cosatu and Malema...

  • Joao Nunes - 2013-04-07 10:41

    Ok, looks like we can send some troops to help ja......

  • Adepoju Mosebo - 2013-04-07 11:12

    Does wearing a Netcare Nurse's Uniform make a Netcare employee?

  • Shane Jacoby - 2013-04-07 11:39

    Its not about race... Its simply GREED...

  • Shane Jacoby - 2013-04-07 11:41

    And that GREED is showing its head here too... so ready yourselves... Its inevitable.

  • Robyne Pask Wolstenholme - 2013-04-07 12:47

    I am worried sick as my husband is there as he is there on business and all you can do is make comments like those below. He is a South Africa and there is talk of closing the border from SA's side. We have only been married not a year so this affects me very personally.

      Tin Can - 2013-04-07 13:42

      RobWol there is no reason to be concerned as the border will not close and the incident for the time is under control.

  • Zeb Lodge - 2013-04-07 13:18

    Can any black person on this forum PLEASE tell my why blacks rape, kill and torture people if all they want is to steal something ?

      Kinley Kagwa - 2013-06-27 16:58

      if these words kill,rape and torture are in African language i would say there is no white killers in the world, but these words are in European language too which means all races kill,rape and torture. don't point it on a black race pls.

  • Dave Mbeva - 2013-04-07 14:45

    May be because it was outside the boarders of Cape (Intercape)

  • Ba Tadiwa - 2013-04-07 15:00

    Are u saying there are no white rapists or white criminals out there? Wake up man

  • Sharon Tshipa - 2013-04-07 20:38


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