Reprisal attacks kill 10 in Nigeria

2012-03-11 16:13

Jos - Reprisal attacks by Christian youths in the central Nigerian city of Jos killed more than 10 people on Sunday, after suspected Islamist militants bombed a church, the health commissioner for Jos said.

"The situation is bad. Several were killed in the reprisal attacks, more than 10," Sati Dakwat told Reuters, after a bomb blast in a Catholic church in the city killed three people.

In the past decade Jos has become the main flashpoint for tensions between Nigeria's Christian and Muslim communities.

  • Dakey - 2012-03-12 20:17

    Well done News24. Not a single article on the actual suicide bombing that killed the Christian, but an article on the 'reprisal' attacks. Lemme get this straight, someone acts in accordance with Islamic tradition (suicide bombings) and it is 'suspected', then youths act outside of Christian principles and they're 'Christian'!

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