Rwandan opposition official disappears

2011-10-21 14:19

Nairobi - A top official from Rwanda's main opposition party has vanished after being attacked by security forces, the party said on Friday in a statement.

"Sylvain Sibomana, acting secretary general of the FDU [United Democratic Forces], has disappeared," the party said.

"We spoke to him on his cell phone for the last time when he was attacked by security personnel for unknown reasons and taken towards an unknown destination."

The FDU said it last had contact with Sibomana on Thursday afternoon. He was in Rubavu district in Rwanda's Western Province.

"All attempts to find him in police or army detention centres proved in vain," it said.

The FDU said national police had told the party to discuss the matter with local police.

The party, which accuses President Paul Kagame of intimidating and stifling opposition movements, is not recognised by Rwandan authorities, who say it has not completed the necessary steps to be registered.

FDU leader Victoire Ingabire, the country's top opposition figure, is currently on trial for supporting terrorism, charges she denies.

  • Paris - 2011-12-02 21:30

    Who doesn`t know that there`s no justice in Kagame`s Rwanda?That`s a pure Kangaroo court.period.Kagame is the sole responsible of the Genocide in rwanda aiming to becoming president.he shot down the plane of his predecessor killing him and the president of burundi on april 6 1994 at 21h00.Kagame is a terrorist who has assassinated 10000000(ten millions)Congolese.He`s sponsoring terrorism around the world and running assassination squads around the world.look at attempted assassination of Kayumba nyamwasa in South Africa,Seta shongasamba in Kenya,burglary in California at the house of Cynthia Mckinney in USA(former congresswoman),looting of DRC,Massacre in Kisangani(DRC)on5-11/06/2001 where more than 20000 civilians were assassinated,Massacre of Makobola in DRC,massacre of Kibeyo in rwanda in 1995,and numerous other crimes against humanity that I have good record of in my flash disc.So,people of media,don`t turnish yourself talking good about this devil man,the african Hitler.Rather report the truth so that he pays for all he has done.

      annemarie.white.1232 - 2013-02-25 12:56

      Paris, where in the whole of Africa will the truth ever surface completely? The men on our continent are power hungry sadists who do not care about our children and older people. I want to cry. Our beautiful home, so full of selfish men.

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