Rwanda's Kagame keen on 3rd term talk

2011-12-12 21:23

Kampala - Rwanda's President Paul Kagame said on Monday he had no problem with calls for the constitution to be changed to allow him to run for a third term.

Kagame told a news conference in neighbouring Uganda's capital Kampala that those asking him to run for president again were simply exercising their freedom of expression.

"I will not be uncomfortable at all with people saying this or the other," Kagame said.

"There's contradiction, on one hand you say people should have freedom to express themselves. On the other hand, you start questioning somebody expressing himself."

Rwanda's Internal Security minister, Sheikh Fazil Musa Harerimana, has been quoted in local media calling for the constitutional change to free Kagame to contest.

"This Sheikh has a right to express himself and it's as if people expect me to go to this person and say 'you shut up. Don't talk about this anymore.' No. This is not my business."

Seventeen years on from a genocide which killed up to 800 000 people, Rwanda, under Kagame's leadership, has become a darling of Western donors and investors.

But human rights groups have raised concerns about rising political repression, particularly around the time of an election last year in which Kagame won a second seven-year term.


The constitution says a referendum would be needed for any amendments to presidential term limits.

Kagame also used the news conference to say that an exiled Rwandan journalist who was murdered two weeks ago in Uganda was a thief who was killed because he stole money belonging to an association of genocide survivors.

Charles Ingabire, an editor of Rwanda's Inyenyeri News website and a Kagame critic, was shot dead on December 1 at a bar in Kampala.

Kagame criticised the international media for blaming the death on his government without evidence.

"It's just hearsay," Kagame said. "Somebody has died, a journalist has died and, even before they know whether he has died because of an accident, the conclusion is that Kagame has killed him."

Ingabire was the second Rwandan journalist shot dead in less than two years. According to watchdog, the Committee to Protect Journalists, six Rwandan journalists have fled the country since 2010, citing harassment and intimidation.

  • Paris - 2011-12-12 22:08

    Kagame why don`t you just become the king of the kingdom of rwanda? the 3rd term,everybody knew about it since`re fooling yourself by pretending that there`re calls for you to run again.what freedom of expression are you talking about? you`re a fool Paul Hitler Kagame,your end is nearing and the 10.000.000(ten millions) congolese you assassinated will not go unpunished.Just to remind you:TRUTH AND JUSTICE HAS A VERY LONG MEMORY AND A VERY LONG HAND.your downfall will come from the DRC,I promise you.We know you`ve planted assassination squads around the world but you won`t silence everybody because others before you did so but today,they`re history and forgotten.

  • Karasanyi - 2011-12-12 23:37

    Kagame is a modern African leader and I like him for his response that condone no one. Off course his impartial thinking and talking create enemies for him, especially those who have been used to the West meddling into African affairs. Kagame, please keep it up. Ignore the sectarian and corrupt individuals that dream of putting your country into agony again. You fought, you should continue to fight until our minds are also liberated.

  • Norah - 2011-12-13 08:04

    @Paris: 10 million? You're a joke! where?, when? How? Please produce the the 1994 genocide, there was countless tv footage, we saw it for ourselves..this one of such huge proportions as 10 million went unnoticed and unheard of?? Don't spew your nonsensical ill-conceived, ill-begotten, ill-researched, dangerous hatred here. Africa does not need it! And why do you never ever talk about the 1994 genocide? and Mobutu's iron and crippling grip on Zaire, which left AFrica's potentially richest country in tatters..why didn't you take to the streets then? It took the Arab Spring for you to have suddenly found your voice? and from the comfort of distant shores no doubt? Go back and fight if you have the courage and mettle for it, otherwise go back to your slumber! Twit!

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