Sirte civilians given chance to leave: NTC

2011-10-01 18:33

Tripoli - The chief of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdel Jalil, said on Saturday that civilians were being given a chance to leave Sirte, as battles raged in Muammar Gaddafi's hometown.

"A chance of two days has been given by the revolutionaries near Sirte so that civilians can leave the city. This chance may give the biggest number of residents the opportunity to leave. It started yesterday," Abdel Jalil told a news conference in Benghazi aired live on Libyan television.

However, Abdel Jalil gave no indication that this was in any way an ultimatum or that a major assault would follow the end of that period.

He also claimed the battles for the two remaining strongholds of Gaddafi support, Sirte on the coast and the desert town of Bani Walid, were going well.

"The battles for Sirte and Bani Walid are going very well and they are currently fighting on the basis of an organised plan between the two areas," he said.

"With God's grace, victory will be achieved very soon."

Abdel Jalil said the two cities would not be excluded from Libya's future development despite the heavy resistance pro-Gaddafi fighters have put up there.

"No cities will be excluded ... from future progress and development," he said.

  • aman - 2011-10-01 19:31

    Hope those poor buggers get the chance to leave. Suspect they'll get used as shields or be branded as pro-rebels and get shot in their efforts to get out.

  • Libya S.O.S. - 2011-10-02 14:43

    Reports say most of the refugees are heading for the comparative safety of the desert, leaving behind their belongings and livelihoods. Hundreds of families are streaming out of the city through its western entrance. As they pass through, NTC troops are cross-checking them at block-posts in an attempt to eliminate all possible Gaddafi supporters. According to NATO’s own figures, the bombing of Sirte resulted in 427 “key hits” from August 25 to September 29, so it can be said that at least that number of buildings have been destroyed within the city.

      Anton - 2011-10-02 15:01

      "Old" Libya supporter, If these gaddafi scumbags would just have one grain of decency in them, and admit that their reign of terror is over, WITHIN DAYS the fighting will stop, and the 42 year old nightmare will have come to an end. But instead of doing so, these THUGS, continue to tell their last handful of supporters to keep on fighting. And one HAS to capture these gaddafies, dead or alive, as it is far to dangerous to leave them on the loose, with much of their stolen billions of US, at their disposal!!!

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