Soldiers guard Malawi TV, radio

2012-04-07 19:31

Blantyre - Soldiers on Saturday took over security at Malawi's state radio and television in the commercial hub Blantyre to ensure a "peaceful transition" following the president's death, an army spokesperson said.

"There was need to ensure a peaceful transition of power from a civilian government to another civilian government as enshrined in the republican Constitution," army spokesperson, Lieutenant Fran Kayanula told reporters.

"There is nothing to fear. Our task is to help the civilian, elected government which people put into power," he said.

The announcement came as cabinet ministers gathered at parliament in the capital Lilongwe for the swearing in of Vice President Joyce Banda, who is set to succeed Bingu wa Mutharika as head of state.

Mutharika, 78, died on Thursday after a heart attack, prompting fears of a power struggle because Banda had been expelled from the ruling party in 2010.

Those fears had subsided on Saturday as Malawi moved to swear in Banda, who is set to become the first woman to take the presidency.

Normally police guard both the radio and television stations around the clock, but a dozen soldiers took over security on Saturday morning, searching workers and allowing in visitors with identity cards, said one staffer at the television station.

Toting guns and in camouflage uniforms, the staffer said the soldiers were not harassing anybody, but politely asked for identities.

  • Sam - 2012-04-07 19:57

    this is a stupid constitution of yours , where on earth have you seen such succession from the minority party, Nigeria dealt with this perfectly you think they were stupid even Mandela tried this stupid thinking I dont know who advised him about De Klerk & Mangosuthu to be D Pres , he even messed up the Const regarding Land property today we are fighting one another to Mangaung

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-04-07 20:04

      Who is "we" ??

      blazjohn.vechiuno - 2012-04-08 06:27

      its a constitution of a country not what yu want to be done

      Simpleman - 2012-04-08 07:16

      Brother Sam, why soundng harsh and hating peaceful transition. Perhaps u wish to be reminded that the Malawi Constitution BELONGS to THE PEACE LOVING, WARM HEARTED, EVER SMILING Malawians. Though u have torn me in ur statement, I end mine by inviting to come to Malawi, see ever smiling faces of true Malawians, laugh, walk any time, anywhere and chat and chat peacefully till u go to sleep. I wish if ALL AFRICANS WERE TREATING EACH OTHER, PREACH and ACT PEACEFULLY. Hatred, jelousy, and selfishness make us slaves in our own country. I LOVE U SAM. God bless ALL Africans.

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