Somaliland presidency targeted

2008-10-29 14:20

Nairobi - The presidential palace was one of three targets in simultaneous suicide car bomb attacks on Wednesday in Hargeysa, the capital of the northern Somali breakaway state of Somaliland, police said.

"The office of the president was among the three positions targeted by terrorists," a senior police officer said by telephone from Hargeysa on condition of anonymity.

"A senior officer in the office of the president was killed in the attack which was carried out by a suicide bomber," he said.

It was not immediately clear if Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin was in his office at the time of the attack but officials said he was safe.

The United Nations Development Programme's compound and the Ethiopian embassy, all in the same neighbourhood, were also targeted.

Two suicide car attacks targeted two anti-terrorism centres in Bossaso, the economic capital of the neighbouring breakaway state of Puntland, at almost the same time.