Sudan floods - 32 dead, 1000s homeless

2012-08-12 17:49

Khartoum - Unusually intense rainy-season flooding has killed 32 people and destroyed thousands of homes around Sudan, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

The deaths were recorded since the start of the rainy season in mid-June, the ministry said in a report.

It added that 35 people were injured over the same period, more than 4 700 homes were destroyed, and about 35 000 animals killed as water levels rose above the average of recent years.

The latest inundations, since early August, have affected at least 1 000 families in eastern Sudan and 14 000 people in the far-west region of Darfur, the United Nations said.

Five years ago, a month of severe flooding destroyed more than 30 000 homes, killed at least 64 people and affected 365 000, the UN said.