Sudan police beat student protesters

2012-03-04 19:41

Khartoum - Sudanese police on Sunday beat university students who gathered outside the presidential palace objecting to the loss of their campuses when South Sudan separated.

About 150 students held a silent march and got within metres of the palace gates where police forcibly dispersed them, an AFP reporter witnessed.

Officers detained some of the students, but it was unclear how many.

The students had attended universities with campuses in both northern and southern Sudan.

But all the campuses moved south, along with their southern students, when South Sudan gained independence last July following an overwhelming vote after 22 years of civil war.

The Khartoum government formed a new campus, Bahri University, for northerners who had attended the southern schools.

The students, however, have objected, particularly because those who will graduate soon say they want their diplomas under the name of the southern universities where they got most of their education.

"We don't want Bahri University," said a banner carried by the protesters.