Sudan says it armed anti-Gaddafi forces

2011-10-27 07:45

Khartoum - Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Wednesday that his government armed Libya's victorious rebels in their eight-month uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.

"One part of the armament of the forces which entered Tripoli was 100%t Sudanese," he said in the eastern city of Kassala where he was opening a new Qatari-funded road link to Eritrea.

"The Sudanese people gave its support, both humanitarian assistance and weapons, which were delivered to all the revolutionaries, in Misrata, in the western mountains, in Zawiyah and in all of Libya's regions," he said in a speech broadcast by state television.

Bashir said Gaddafi's regime had armed and financed the Justice and Equality Movement in its 2008 march on the Sudanese capital that saw the most heavily armed Darfur rebel faction reach Omdurman just across the Nile from Khartoum.

  • Petrus - 2011-10-27 08:03

    suprised these guy is one of the most wanted crimminals on the icc list in Africa he can only vist china and SA

      Jos - 2011-10-27 09:12

      Hi Petrus, When was this guy in SA?. The last time I checked SA was going to arrest him should he come here.

  • Daemon - 2011-10-27 08:32

    Surprise surprise, the UN resolution had an arm embargo against Libiya, and guess what. The West decides that their interpretation is "yes we can" proliferate arms in Libiya to Terrorists but put an embargo on government. Of course Bashir wants to jump on the band wagon, he's hoping for a slice of the pie and acknowledgment from the West that he is not a criminal because he helped "the good guys"

  • Barry - 2011-10-27 20:44

    Who paid for it all ? USA.

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