Sudan women held for flogging protest

2010-12-14 19:15

Khartoum - Sudanese police arrested dozens of women protesting on Tuesday against laws they say humiliate women after a video of a woman being flogged in public appeared on the internet.

Floggings carried out under Islamic law are almost a daily punishment in Sudan for crimes ranging from drinking alcohol to adultery.

But vague laws on women's dress and behaviour are implemented inconsistently.

One case sparked an international outcry when Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese UN official, invited journalists to her public flogging for wearing trousers.

Cops laugh during lashing

The video, which was removed by YouTube, showed a crying Sudanese woman being lashed by two policemen in front of onlookers in public.

She was made to kneel and the police laughed during the punishment.

"Humiliating your women is humiliating all your people," the women shouted as they were being arrested on Tuesday.

Around 50 women sat down outside the justice ministry holding banners and surrounded by riot police telling them to move.

Three plain-clothed security men threw a BBC correspondent to the ground, confiscating his equipment.

All the women were arrested and taken to a nearby police station. Their lawyers were prevented from entering, but senior opposition politicians were allowed to go inside.

Justice ministry investigating

The women said they had tried to get permission for the protest but had been refused. The police declined to comment.

"The authorities here take the law into their own hands. No one knows what happens inside these police stations," said one of their lawyers, Mona el-Tijani.

"This video was just one example of what happens all the time."

Sudan's justice ministry said it would investigate whether the punishment was administered properly.

It was not clear what offence the woman being lashed had committed. Officials from the ruling National Congress Party offered conflicting explanations in the local press.

  • pointblankza - 2010-12-14 20:34

    Religious laws are human right violations... Religion is a human rights violation.

  • LucyInTheSky - 2010-12-14 21:19

    ..I had to grit my teeth to watch this video but I did...what a bunch of farking Arabs...2 men on one defenseless yourselves men??..rather call yourselves camel shaggers...bastards...

  • LucyInTheSky - 2010-12-14 21:25

    ..I had to grit my teeth to watch this YouTube video but I did...what a bunch of farking arabs...2 "men" on one defensless yourselves "men"??...bunch of camel shaggers if you ask me....

  • Kammie Holder - 2010-12-20 04:57

    Beast in blue uniforms disguised as humans in Sudan. I wish I could have the opportunity to meet theses men and make them strip naked then pour syrup on them.Have them sit on an ants nest in the sun all day! Sharia law belongs in the stone age. Muslims need to stop treat the said women that born them like a chattel! Why are right thinking Muslims so silent on these brutal acts

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