Swede held in CAR after 13 bodies found

2012-04-25 19:08

Bangui - The Swedish head of a safari company and 10 of his staff have been arrested after 13 miners were found murdered in the northeast of the country, police said on Wednesday.

Erik Mararv, a professional hunter who heads the Central African Wildlife Adventures company, and the 10 employees "were detained this month in Bakuma and Bangassu and taken to Bangui", police said.

The bodies of the 13 miners who had been working in Ngungunza were discovered on 29 March.

Photos of the dead men showed them to have been bound with their hands behind their backs and beaten or stabbed to death, police said.

"Some witness statements have directly implicated the firm," according to police who said, however, it was too soon to draw conclusions.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-04-25 21:35

    now what might the motive be? Geez news24 you have to give us more or at least say motive unknown...cmon! have you ever learnt about the who, what, where, why & how trick to help you write a story?

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