Tata ma chance via cellphone

2009-07-22 21:04

Johannesburg - A revolutionary project was introduced on Wednesday that allows FNB customers to play the national lottery through a cellphone, a bank ATM or online banking.

This was the first of its kind on the continent and used advanced technology which exists in South Africa, chief executive of Lotto operator Gidani, Dr Bongani Khumalo told a news briefing in Johannesburg.

The project was a joint effort by the bank and Gidani and Khumalo noted other banks would come on board later in the year.

"The use of banking channels will not only make it more convenient to play the lottery, it will also enhance player protection, responsible play, privacy, accessibility, time economy and management of winnings..." Khumalo said.

If a customer won, his or her bank account would automatically be credited and, in case of a substantial amount, FNB would notify the winner.