Pirates may move south

2011-09-20 21:16

Pretoria - Piracy could move to the Mozambican Channel because of instability caused by piracy from Somalia, an analyst warned on Tuesday.

"Both sides [of the channel] are not particularly densely populated, are seriously under-policed and there is a lot of shipping going through," defence analyst Helmoed-Römer Heitman told a maritime security seminar in Pretoria.

Heitman said there would be a major difference between the Somali pirates and future Mozambican Channel pirates.

Pirates in Somalia could wait for ransoms to be paid because the country had no effective government.

Pirates in the channel would have to face the authorities at some stage, and would not have the time and space to wait for a ransom.

Heitman said they would probably not hold a crew for ransom, but kill them, loot the ship and sink it.

Local governments needed to "pre-empt" the prospect of piracy in the region by improving the economic situation of locals - in this case people living in Mozambique and Madagascar, he said.

The legal framework for arresting and charging pirates also needed to be addressed.

Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries should address problems that could come about as a result of hot pursuit operations crossing territorial waters, Heitman said.

South Africa was the only SADC member that had a navy of any size.

Madagascar, with more than 4 000km of coastline, had one patrol craft and one landing craft, he said.

  • Yoni - 2011-09-20 21:44

    "Heitman said they would probably not hold a crew for ransom, but kill them, loot the ship and sink it." That's Africa: If you can't use it or steer it, burn it!

  • OZNOB - 2011-09-20 22:16


  • Terry-Louise - 2011-09-20 22:39 - PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK! MY FAMILY NEEDS YOUR HELP The time has come...we have started the collection campaign to save the lives of my uncle, Bruno, and his partner, Debbie, who have been taken hostage by Somali Pirates almost a year ago. PLEASE show your support, by spreading the word and by making a donation from the website. PLEASE HELP and DONATE!!! ...prayers alone will not get my uncle and his partner back home. ....every little bit counts....and it WILL make a difference.

      Terry-Louise - 2011-09-20 22:43

      Yoni - 2011-09-21 07:33

      The time has come...taken hostage by Somali Pirates almost a year ago." It's been over a year, and now the time has come? For what? What have you been waiting for?

      Terry-Louise - 2011-09-21 21:25

      Dear Yoni, perhaps you should THINK before you speak! Have you EVER experienced a hostage situation YOURSELF? I'm sure if you KNEW what my family has been through over the past year, you would feel as SICK to your stomach as I do with what you have just said. Please visit the website and donate - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

      Yoni - 2011-09-23 07:44


  • StBad - 2011-09-20 23:02

    Mmmm, a bit close to home... SA will be to the rescue because again Africa can't sort out it's own sht!

      Onnest - 2011-09-21 11:57

      Well SA is part of Africa. And the Airforce and Navy are already patrolling Mozambique waters

  • Sisie - 2011-09-21 07:50

    I guess Lindiwe Sisulu will now be looking for the keys to start the subs that have been lying in Simonstown idle. "How the f*** do you start this thing". Oh hell this is a comedy in waiting. And i guess she will charge an exorbitant price for sailing passed your country. Hell we have to make back the money somehow.

      Vera - 2011-09-21 22:46

      Where there is opportunity to create real jobs - feet are dragged - why? because this is real hard work - we are becoming such a lazy nation, without rules and order but plenty corruption ~ SA used to always be amoungst top 10 in the world for productivity, electricity supply, technology, defence force etc - now all we are still good for is sport here and there and even that is slip sliding away

  • Spozzy - 2011-09-26 09:32

    At the rate our land based forces loose weapons, how long will it be before the pirates have high tech gunboats?

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