Thousands march on US embassy in Sudan

2012-09-14 16:44

Khartoum - Sudanese security forces fired teargas to disperse about 10 000 protesters who marched on the US embassy in the capital on Friday after attacking the British and German missions, an AFP correspondent said.

Clashes erupted after a large number of security forces blocked off roads leading to the embassy as stone-throwing demonstrators protesting over a film deemed offensive to Islam tried to approach.

"God is greatest" and "Do not touch the prophet" were among slogans chanted by the demonstrators.

An estimated 5 000 protesters earlier stormed the embassies of Britain and Germany, which was torched and badly damaged.

Police fired teargas as several protesters scaled the roof of the German embassy and others attacked its facade, tearing down the flag to replace it with a black Islamist one, the AFP reporter said.

  • neil.fromearth - 2012-09-14 18:55

    I watched this movie. In my view it is a piece of crap and distasteful. That however does not warrant this absolutely insane behaviour by a bunch/thousands of fanatical freaks. And that is what they are. Freedom of expression and tolerance are just not accepted by these small brained fanatics. I don't care what religious beliefs you have. This reaction is simply barbaric. Remember Life of Brian. I never saw thousands of Christians attack the studios that made the movie, nor representatives of the British government. And why attack the US, Britain and Germany. What the hell have they got to do with it. Get over it and grow up. Every religion has been made fun of, since they first began. You believe what you want and accept that those that don't share your beliefs are entitled to ridicule yours. Just as you are someone else's. Belief is not untouchable regardless of how pathetic and ugly the satirist is. That is one of the biggest problems with religion. They all think they are right and god help you (pun intended) if you mock them. I am not suggesting you do, or think you should. But it is your right. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Simple cornerstones of a civil society.

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