Thousands rally for Egypt uprising

2013-04-06 22:22

Cairo - Thousands of Egyptians demonstrated across the country to denounce the president and pursue the goals of the 2011 popular uprising.

Saturday's protests marked the fifth anniversary of the formation of the April 6th Youth Movement started in 2008 under former President Hosni Mubarak. Workers in Mahalla tore down a poster of Mubarak in what was a daring move at the time.

The group also played a crucial role in the uprising that toppled Mubarak.

The movement initially backed President Mohammed Morsi in election run-offs last June, but has since turned against him.

The opposition accuses him of acting like his autocratic predecessor and of not having an inclusive political process. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood party says Morsi should be challenged at the ballot box, not in street protests.

Police fired teargas on Saturday at anti-government protesters who tried to break into the Supreme Court in Cairo, the online edition of the state-run newspaper al-Ahram reported.

The protesters, mostly from the opposition April 6 movement, set off fireworks at security forces and chanted slogans against Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, the report said.

The Supreme Court building houses the office of the public prosecutor, who was appointed in November by Morsi in a move that circumvented the constitutional process and angered the judiciary.