Traffickers kill Egyptian cop

2011-01-25 09:09

Cairo - An Egyptian police officer was shot dead by human traffickers on Monday as he tried to stop them smuggling a group of migrants into Israel, security and medical sources said.

"The police officer, Abdel-Sattar Farag Abdel-Sattar, 23, was shot fatally in the head in a shootout between him and the smugglers," said a security source.

The traffickers and a group of African migrants opened fire on Abdel-Sattar when he told them not to cross a barbed wire fence separating Egypt's Sinai region from Israel, the source said.

The migrants and traffickers then fled back into Egyptian territory, the source added.

  • wgibsonsa - 2011-01-25 15:06

    Why are they going to Israel. According to some this is a bad place with no respect for human rights. Why are these migrants not going to North Korea, Iran, Jordan, Syria or staying in Egypt. These countries are the bastion of civil liberties and will treat these migrants with great respect and dignity.

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