US and UK: Libya needs govt before weapons

2015-02-20 08:33

New York - Two of the most powerful members of the United Nations Security Council are rejecting Libya's call to lift a UN arms embargo so it can defend itself against the Islamic State group.

The United States and Britain say the chaotic country needs a national unity government first.

Libya's foreign minister told an emergency council meeting on Wednesday that lifting the embargo is necessary as the militant group establishes a presence in northern Africa and moves closer to Europe.

Alarm soared after a video released over the weekend showed the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians there.

But Britain and the US are openly worried about allowing more weapons into a country that has two separate governments, multiple militant groups and a high risk of weapons falling into unwanted hands. Both say the embargo should stand.

  • Jane Mead - 2015-02-23 15:36

    I agree C De Hondo. Gaddafi were on the verge of producing Africa's own currency, but America took him out before that could happen. Libya were recognised by the UN as the top high-standard-of-living country in Africa and America destroyed it completely. If anyone today still believe the US & its Allies ie UK, Canada, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Israel, Australia and trying to lure NZ, then they're lagging far behind. We all know about their propaganda wars, a recent example 'weapons of mass destruction'. The ruling powers know that the only way to go to war is to trick people into believing their lies. Vietnam is another example. If one Google ;Charlie Hebdo-The Hidden Agenda Exposed and "the covert origins of Isis-updated" one can see how these Americans trip over their own lies. The majority of people out there know or have heard that they war for oil. Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia inclusive. All these countries are rich in natural resources, but the west keep destabilising it, as is done in the Middle East. Nothing matches the murders the west are responsible for. Destroying whole countries, families, women, babies. If we complain about what is happening in SA, think of the hardship those people endure daily because they happen to be born in a country which a handful in the west want to hold onto for 1st world and super-rich status.

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