US wants 'clarity' about Algeria hostages

2013-01-17 20:37

Washington - The United States is seeking "clarity" about reports American hostages may have been killed in an Algerian military raid on a gas field seized by Islamists, US officials said on Thursday.

"We are certainly concerned about reports of loss of life. And are seeking clarity from the government of Algeria," White House spokesperson Jay Carney said.

According to a spokesperson for the kidnappers, Algerian troops launched an air and ground assault on Thursday on the gas complex besieged by Islamists, killing nearly 50 people, most of them hostages.

Britain, France and Norway confirmed an operation was under way at the remote desert site near the Libyan border, attacked Wednesday in retaliation for a week-old military campaign against Islamist rebels in neighbouring Mali.

But US officials refused to get into any details. "The situation is extremely fluid on the ground," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters.

"We are working with the government of Algeria. We're working with other affected nations to try to resolve this situation."

But she refused to confirm how many Americans were among the hostages, or whether any of them had been killed or wounded in Thursday's operation.

"We're not going to get into numbers, we're not going to get into names," she said. "This goes directly to protecting the safety and security, not only of our Americans but of the other nations that are affected."

  • phaldiemeyer - 2013-01-17 20:49

    yes and the world wants clarity on the war crimes in Iraq and where the h#ll is the weapons of mass destruction!!! hypocrites!!!!

      Crracker - 2013-01-17 21:18

      Sadam Hussein played games and made the world believe he had weapons of mass destruction. He invaded other countries and he tried tricks. Simple.

      phaldiemeyer - 2013-01-17 22:45 day when you're able to see past the American propaganda and start thinking for'll change your mind, I know... i believed the media's hero version of America when i was in my teens...nevertheless all I want to point out before they ask questions about other countries actions...they must explain their own...Americans killed more people in Iraq than Suddam ever did and as far as liberating the Iraqis...the majority had a more stable life in Iraq than what they have at present. Authoritarian government is some times necessary if you have warring tribes bent on destroying each other. Western democracy is not the only way to govern effectively.

  • Crracker - 2013-01-17 21:24

    Saddam Hussein played games. He tried to have the world guessing about his so-called weapons of mass destruction and he invaded other countries. He overplayed his hand. Simple! And don't ignore the simple fact that it was the Iraqi nation's judicial system who eventually found him and his henchmen guilty of horrendous crimes and executed them. Your attempt at propaganda for the sake of propaganda falls flat. Deservedly so.

  • simon.mwando - 2013-01-17 21:29

    This is just ironic! America is concerned by loss of life.

  • rollingstone.kanyane - 2013-01-17 22:27

    is America boss of the world?

      Crracker - 2013-01-17 22:30

      Seems like it. Or would you like to nominate others?

  • erick.vogel.75 - 2013-01-17 22:55

    This is about hostages from different nations that could have been killed and you lot worry about America and Hoessein??!!! Please get a life!! WTF!

      phaldiemeyer - 2013-01-17 23:43

      If you want to read something for its empirical a comic!

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