Wall collapse kills 12 hajj applicants

2013-06-23 17:46

Khartoum - Twelve Sudanese were killed on Sunday when a wall collapsed as they waited to submit their applications for the annual hajj pilgrimage, official TV said.

The accident happened in Gedaref town southeast of the capital Khartoum, Sudan TV reported.

A witness, Ahmed Hashim, told AFP that the victims were crushed by the exterior brick wall, a type of fence, which suddenly collapsed outside a government office.

"A group of people had come to submit their applications for the hajj," said Hashim, a shopkeeper near the accident site.

It was not immediately clear why the wall collapsed.

The hajj pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam and must be performed at least once in a lifetime by those who are able to make the journey to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

This year's hajj takes place in October.

  • mike.suwedi.3 - 2013-06-23 19:04

    may Allah grnd them Jannah

      Sakina Gordon - 2013-06-23 19:40

      Ya Allah Ameen, may Allah grant them Janatul Firdous

      GB Garratt - 2013-06-24 03:53

      Pity Allah did nothing about the wall collapsing in them. If Allah did nothing when he knew the wall would collapse and killed them, then why will he care about those who were killed after the event. Don't religious people ever think?

  • Stephan Fourie - 2013-06-23 20:55

    This is the South Sudanese flag....

  • Ntombi Zulu - 2013-06-23 21:51

    may their souls rest in peace. amen.

      GB Garratt - 2013-06-24 03:54

      Amen? Amen. What the hell does amen help when Allah let them get killed in the first place?

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