Wives on run from Swazi king

2004-06-28 20:18

Ludzidzini - Swazi King Mswati III has lost another of his 10 wives.

The first to flee the royal kraal was Delisa Magwaza, 30, better known as Inkhosikati LaMagwaza. She fled to London via Cape Town recently.

Now another royal wife has run away from the young king. Putsoana Hwala, 30, known as Inkhosikati LaHwala, decided to make a dash from the king.

LaHwala is believed to have fled Swaziland on Thursday.

She apparently used her South African passport to avoid detection by security agents, and left her three children behind in Swaziland.

Rumour has it that LaHwala is hiding in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, where her family lives.

Both runaway wives were on good terms with each other.

Attending parties without approval

It is believed they conspired together to plan their escape from the king's security guards.

LaMagwaza caused an uproar some time ago because of her controversial relationship with a 23-year-old Swazi national living in Soweto.

LaHwala last year exchanged harsh words with top Swazi officials after she offended protocol by attending parties without the approval of the royal family.

The flight of two of his wives has exposed the king's weak security and there are fears that more unhappy royals may try to escape to freedom.

The king has ordered a special security team to search for the two runaway wives.

The search will cover Swaziland, South Africa and England.

Royal sources told Daily Sun that when they were found, certain cleansing rituals would have to be performed on them before they could be released to find a husband of their own choice.

Couldn't stand the rejection

A source close to the royal kraal told Daily Sun: "The wives deserted because they had been denied their conjugal rights for up to six months.

LaMagwaza especially couldn't stand such rejection by the king - who has not been visiting her and their two young princesses.

Her two children have since been given to King Mswati's third wife," the source said.

Mswati has 10 official wives - and one bride to be.