Zambia charges 3 Czechs as spies

2011-10-24 19:06

Prague - Three Czech tourists face up to 30 years in prison in Zambia if convicted of espionage after taking pictures near military installations in the southern African country, the Czech Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The ministry said the three were employees of the Dutch exhibition logistics company A&A Expo and were visiting a friend in Zambia after a business trip to Johannesburg in South Africa.

A memo to the ministry sent by Czech diplomats in Africa and obtained by Reuters said the three were detained on October 12 and charged after taking four pictures near military sites. The three have been released on bail, the memo said.

Their photos included, the memo said, one of a decommissioned military plane on display outside a military base as well as "no entry" signs outside another installation and the entrance to the presidential palace in the capital Lusaka.

Zambian intelligence services were involved in the case, according to the memo.

  • Euphoric - 2011-10-24 20:00

    lol lets be honest !!! firstly why would anyone want to spy on zambia! and secondly why would the czech republic want information?! eastern europe has no money for itself, let alone enough to start occupying.

  • Mark - 2011-10-24 20:42

    This is like a Monty Python Parody. What the hell is worth spying on in Zambia? A beautiful country, but paranoid gvt it seems.

  • Owen - 2011-10-24 21:04

    makes me laugh all the african countries have that attitude they dont have anything but try and show they will have the last say,they plundered everything after independence.

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