Zambia polls: Sata in early lead

2011-09-21 15:28

Lusaka - Zambian opposition leader Michael Sata led President Rupiah Banda in the first election results released on Wednesday, but the race remained a toss-up with only a fraction of votes counted.

With just five of Zambia's 150 constituencies having reported, Sata had 55 112 votes against Banda's 19 601, the electoral commission said.

In Zambia's last presidential race in 2008, a special election to replace the late Levy Mwanawasa, Banda won with just two percentage points separating him from Sata.

Banda has campaigned for his Movement for Multiparty Democracy on the back of a fast-growing economy, but Sata's Patriotic Front has vowed to share the nation's copper wealth more evenly.

The economy grew by 7.6% last year, one of the strongest showings in Africa, but 64% of Zambia's 12.9 million people still live on less than $2 a day.

  • Andy - 2011-09-21 15:28

    Sata will never win

      tshwanecc - 2011-09-21 15:59

      This time he is wining. If you are on MMD payroll find a decent job chikala.

      Bupe - 2011-09-21 16:17

      well i personally dont care who wins. Its about the Government of the day. I will start taking personal interest when the 50+ 1 clause is in the constitution. I believe the individual who lives in state house has never changed my situ. I still have to struggle for the chedder!

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