'100+ prisoners die of hunger in Zim jails'

2013-12-03 10:17

Cape Town – Food shortages have reportedly gripped Zimbabwe’s prisons, a situation that has resulted in more than 100 inmates dying of hunger and other nutrition-related illnesses this year, a report says.

Radio VOP said prisoners in the country’s 46 prisons were faced with hunger and most had succumbed to nutrition-related illnesses.  

This was confirmed by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) which disclosed before a parliamentary portfolio committee that the situation was bad.

ZPCS said the death rate was the same as that of last year.

 Zimbabwe currently has a prison population of 18 460 inmates.

  • Gary Guy - 2013-12-03 10:24

    I was going to comment but then I thought, what the hell, I don't really care about Zim any more. It is a non entity. Let them eat cake!

      Jonathan Woods - 2013-12-03 13:48

      More of the great success story of southern Africa proudly brought to you by mad BOB!

  • John Smith - 2013-12-03 10:29

    And that while their leader eats Crayfish and Caviar. Not that I'm for the prisoners, but they have the basic human right to food, especially when locked up and unable to collect it themself.

      Tinashe Magamba - 2013-12-03 12:48

      African lions have never been known to eat either liar!!!

      John Smith - 2013-12-03 14:33

      O, OK, so you agree that he kills people. Because a lion will kill a human.

  • Peace Sol - 2013-12-03 10:30

    If they can't accommodate them, they should release them.

      Stephen Michael - 2013-12-03 10:44

      To come and live in South Africa?

  • Winnie September - 2013-12-03 11:14


  • Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2013-12-03 11:29

    Guys whats really right in zimbabwe?

  • Sattva2 - 2013-12-03 12:04

    18460 inmates - is that all??

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