5 die in blast at Zim healer's house

2013-01-22 07:39

Chitungwiza - Five people were killed and three injured in an explosion at a traditional healer's home in the Zimbabwean town of Chitungwiza on Monday, police said.

Hundreds of people fled after the blast, which also damaged several houses in the neighbourhood, 20km south of the capital Harare.

Officers said they were still looking into the explosion, but told journalists it was not caused by a bomb or a faulty gas canister.

"It's a mystery and some people suspect that it could be a lightning strike which killed both the healer and a man who was visiting to consult him or trying to get rid of some evil charms," said a police spokesperson.

Most Zimbabweans practise Christianity but many also believe in witchcraft despite a law banning it.

  • tatsee - 2013-01-22 08:49

    Hokoyo nemheni!

      itse.nnete.1 - 2013-01-29 15:50

      would you please translate the line above for me I'm Tswana.Need I mention I'm very curious as to what the above line means.

  • anaska - 2013-01-22 14:48

    The only thing that i am looking forward to is when this "evil little man" in no longer around!! Zimbabwe can hopefully start afresh with "hopefully a better govenrment" This one sucks as much as it does in South Africa "the evil twins of Africa"!!

  • sayi.dzikiti - 2013-01-23 10:37

    "return back to sender every demonic embargo and missile and haunt your inventor in JESUS name and the blast occured.he tried it on the wrong person...

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