Bungee jumps suspended at Vic Falls

2012-01-12 14:42

Harare - A Zimbabwean tourism company has suspended bungee jumps at Victoria Falls while they investigate an accident in which a tourist plunged into the Zambezi River, a spokesperson said on Thursday.

"We voluntarily suspended bungee jumping for two days [from Wednesday] to allow an audit of the accident that happened" after a cord snapped, Shearwater Adventures spokesperson Clement Mukwasi told AFP.

"This was to allow the auditors, management and crew the opportunity to analyse the causes of the broken cord and review the new system and procedures without distractions."

Jumps could resume from the weekend, he added.

On New Year's Eve, 22-year-old Australian Erin Langworthy jumped from the Victoria Falls bridge and fell head-first into the Zambezi River, 111m below.

The hair-raising accident was caught on video and Langworthy is seen hitting the water with her feet still tied before being swept towards rapids on the river, which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Langworthy managed to avoid any crocodiles and swim to the Zimbabwe side of the river, where she hauled herself out.

She suffered a fractured collar bone and severe bruising and was taken to South Africa for treatment.

Mukwasi said "all other activities including bridge swings, slides tours and the restaurant facility will continue as normal."

Zambia's tourism minister Given Lubinda on Sunday took a bungee jump in an attempt to assure tourists of its safety.

Tourism is the life blood of the towns of Victoria Falls and Livingstone in Zambia, where upmarket resorts attract visitors from around the world.

Mukwasi said the probability of an accident was one in 50 000 jumps a year.

  • fishycraig - 2012-01-12 14:55

    "Bungee jumps suspended at Vic Falls"? They don't suspend - they snap and plunge!

      wcslater - 2012-01-12 15:08

      Haha lame :P

      kritzinger - 2012-01-12 15:13

      Yeah that was scraping the bottom if you ask me... :)

      Jack - 2012-01-12 16:07

      What a hero Given Lubinda is, takinga jump after the equipment has just been replaced. I'd love to see Given Lubinda take a jump with equipment that is 10 years old and has had 500 000 jumps!!! What an idiot!!!

  • Walter - 2012-01-12 15:03

    Still on about crocodile infested waters and "she manage to avoid any crocodiles." What crap! There are no crocs in this part of the gorge where there are numerous rapids and turbulent water. They would never risky the lives of people (thousands annually) white water rafting.

      cecil.harley - 2012-01-12 15:07


  • Rinesh - 2012-01-12 15:29

    stop jumping to conclusions!

  • BoneKollectR - 2012-01-12 15:34

    Give Mugabe a 'cordless' bungee jump! And I'll write a book and name it 'The downfall of the last Dictator'

  • Jack - 2012-01-12 16:11

    "Langworthy managed to avoid any crocodiles and swim to the Zimbabwe side of the river, where she hauled herself out." I see news24 have conveniently edited the original article. She was in fact hauled out by the Zimbabwean Police sub-aqua unit. lol

  • Shirley - 2012-01-12 16:55

    Suspend the operators OVER the Vic falls! I suppose the minister who took the jump had a sniper trained on her head incase she changed her mind courtesy of good ol uncle Bob!

      Deon - 2012-01-12 19:55

      It was, in fact, the ZAMBIAN minister who took the jump. The Zimbabwean minister wouldn't have been able to afford it.

      Jobho - 2012-01-13 09:03

      The Zimbabwean minister didnt take the jump because everything happened on the Zambian side of the River. The Zimbabwean police rescued her out of the river.

  • Rick - 2012-01-12 17:02

    That's a given..

  • brionyl.french - 2012-01-13 06:57

    Yeah i would too

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