Commit to Constitution drafting, Zanu-PF told

2012-02-15 11:36

Cape Town - Zanu-PF should be committed to the drafting of the country's new constitution, a British Ambassador to Zimbabwe said on Tuesday, after the party threatened to pull out of the constitutional drafting process, Radio VOP has reported.

Speaking to journalists in Bulawayo, Ambassador Deborah Bronnert, said Zanu-PF "should be committed to the drafting of the country’s new constitution".

On Monday, Zanu-PF threatened to pull out of the writing of a new constitution in protest against a clause which disqualifies from standing in presidential elections, any person who has already held the office for 10 years, meaning that President Robert Mugabe cannot contest the next polls.

"The constitutional drafting process is something that all the parties committed themselves to when they signed the GPA," Bronnert said. "This is part of the GPA which they signed up to and therefore we expect them to be committed to the writing of the new constitution."