Don't recognise Libya's NTC, Mugabe tells AU

2012-01-31 08:46

Cape Town – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has warned that Africa might be re-colonised if leaders fail to handle issues as the continent’s founding fathers used to do, his country’s Herald website reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, Mugabe said the African Union "should not rush to recognise Libya's National Transitional Council, but look at exactly what happened in that country leading to the callous murder of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi".

The Zimbabwean leader was speaking during a session on Peace and Security at the AU summit in Ethiopia.

He said America and Europe had run out of resources and "they will come to Africa" as the continent continues to discover more resources.

Africa should have said "No, No" to the bombing of Libya by Nato, Mugabe said.

"We should have said no, no to Nato," said Mugabe, adding that due to Africa’s silence, "Gaddafi was killed in broad daylight, his children hunted like animals and then we rush to recognise the NTC".

He said it was not the mandate of the Peace and Security Commission to recognise the NTC and the summit "should look at what happened and we should be deciding whether to recognise the NTC or not."

  • Idont - 2012-01-31 08:55

    ag Mugabe... just die already please

      Patrick - 2012-01-31 09:07


      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-31 09:13

      @Patrick: if you like the Mad Dog go live in Zim, got nothing to do with being Christian, he (Bob) is a rabbid dog and should have been put down or retired, years ago

      Godfrey - 2012-01-31 09:24

      This Patrick fellow posts silly comments like this and when challenged has the propensity to delete them and run away.

      Darryl - 2012-01-31 09:52

      This reminds me of that brilliant Nando's dictator ad :). Or search "Nando's dictator ad"

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-31 10:17

      @ Godfrey: Yea apparently living in the states, but probably in some obscure village in the hills of the EC.

      Anthony - 2012-01-31 11:26

      It is the other way around !!!!!! It is the Libyans, who have no time for Africa. Can one blame them ???

      E=MC2 - 2012-01-31 12:16

      @Patrick - have you not been following the news... he's on his way out anyway, im just standing on the sidelines with my pom-poms. Why bring Christianity into it? AND DONT SHOUT! ITS RUDE!

      E=MC2 - 2012-01-31 12:18

      @ivan.coetzee2 - agreed ;)

      mstemela - 2012-01-31 13:50

      Patrick is Zimbabian......hence he knows jack

      Willie - 2012-01-31 14:17

      Don't worry guys this man is senile

  • mabandla.magoqwana - 2012-01-31 09:04

    African Union takes to long to respond to urgent matters of African continent . we can let the tyrant like Mugabe who don't want to relinquish power to other people just coz they're greedy for power. they pretend to care for the poor people and blame colonialism but they're the one's who now starving their people .we must not blame the western countries with everything that fails .

  • Godfrey - 2012-01-31 09:08

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Catholic Bob you are really are a murderous brain addled has been. You need get get another audience with your Pope friend as you are soon going to be following your other friend, Gadaffi, to a distant unpleasant memory.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-31 09:15

      @Godfrey: WOW, I agree with you on this 1!!

      Brian Dings - 2012-02-08 13:28

      mugabe is a true african leader

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-31 09:10

    "if leaders fail to handle issues as the continent’s founding fathers used to do" Other than a few victories against smaller military groups and attacks on civilian wagon trains, I seem to remember the "founding Fathers" getting their rear ends kicked on a fairly regular basis by the white baas. However if that's what Mugabe wants I will be more than happy to kick his for him.

  • Garysyd705 - 2012-01-31 09:11

    NO he is write that NATO thing sticks!

  • Tommy - 2012-01-31 09:16

    You evil white colonial imperialists, now give us food and, we demand food and aid, you bastards.

  • Deon - 2012-01-31 09:18

    No he is wrong it is the Chinese that are looking for our resources now, they might re-colonise Africa no one else.

      John - 2012-01-31 16:48

      Deon both the Chinese and the West are doing it. The Chinese quite openly, the West through continued covert support of instability and their very own "puppets" e.g. Museveni, Bongo, Wade.......

      Comrademayete - 2012-02-01 00:22

      The Chinese where there in supporting many liberation movements militarily and otherwise,they did not start their work in Africa yesterday.

  • Max - 2012-01-31 09:28

    "Africa might be re-colonised if leaders fail to handle issues as the continent’s founding fathers used to do"....Reading the newly fabricated African history where the continent was already civilized when the Europeans set foot here will then make the so called founding fathers guilty of allowing colonization. The same as what is currently happening with the Chinese invasion. Maybe we are getting closer to the truth.

  • jason7ellis - 2012-01-31 09:28

    Any organisation that gives this despot a public platform to spout is as dis-credited as he is. No wonder they AU are not taken seriously.

  • Darryl - 2012-01-31 09:50

    Missing your buddies hey Bob! Go watch Nando's ad for a chuckle about Bob and his pals,

  • Freddie - 2012-01-31 09:52

    Shame, missing your buddy Bob? China poses a much bigger threat to the continent that America or Europe, but then they let your wife go on shopping sprees there so you won't bad mouth them. When is this idiot going to finally kick the bucket?

  • Paul - 2012-01-31 09:55

    Oh Go away you silly little man, you are such a waste of space. These people have ben oppressed for so many years, like your people have, and its such a pity that the uprising only took place in Lybia, and not in Zimbabwe...I would have loved to have seen one of your people shoot you like the dog you are. Gadafi got what was coming to him....and you and not going to be to far behind.

      John Seema - 2012-01-31 15:23

      the uprising did not take place in zimbabwe becouse it does not have any wealth that the west cane rape them frm and live the zimbabwe people as they are. If zimbabwe had oil and lots of it the west would have intervenedwith fool force sow the is nothing.

  • Ntemi - 2012-01-31 10:02

    poor miserable mugabe,always blaming west,

  • Ntemi - 2012-01-31 10:07

    he is not on his own all his ministers will face the music one day,even if he dies,including some of his army officers& police officers

  • Ntemi - 2012-01-31 10:08

    the ICC will still be there

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-31 10:19

      If only the political will was there from the West and the other SADC leaders!

  • Shadrach - 2012-01-31 10:08

    I SAY VIVA MUGABE VIVA!! NATO was wrong fullstop. Please don't comment on this......or rather, comment all you want.Makes for interesting reading.

  • The-Azanian - 2012-01-31 10:33

    What he doesnt know is that gaddafi was planning to turn africa into an islamised united states of africa which his middle-east brothers can rape its resources and people as they please just like what uae, qatar, kuwait and saudis is currently doing here.

      Tommy - 2012-01-31 10:50

      Not raining and I agree with you.

      John - 2012-01-31 16:49

      Nonsense. The muslims didn't like Gadaffi much.

  • Wayne - 2012-01-31 10:45

    Mugabe and Smith: Two of a Kind. Interesting article from 2009!

  • gmanyamalali - 2012-01-31 10:47

    a trully african leader,who dont fear to face the truth,rise bob

  • Mark - 2012-01-31 11:09

    I think Mad Bob hears footsteps and wants to prevent the same thing happening in Zim. Yes, don't recognize the will of the people of Libya, keep supporting Gaddhafi...oops...he's dead, soon the same for Assad, and hopefully then it's your turn Bob....better yet, leave now and save everyone the cost of the jubilation party when they hang you by the heels. Remember, no autocratic system lasts forever. people have enough and are willing to trade their lives for freedom...

  • baloyi.leonard - 2012-01-31 11:52

    he must just die with his violation to human rights!

  • Stanley - 2012-01-31 15:14

    Mugabe maybe the only true African who stand for the rights of the African people, regardless of whoever or watever situation...

      Dennis - 2012-02-01 01:04

      Stanley, it's africans like you that give back people a bad name. You are a small minded little sheep that would rather starve than look at the facts.

  • John Seema - 2012-01-31 15:15

    what he is saying is sow true.

  • Stanley - 2012-01-31 15:34

    Now that the resources of libya are not going to the west, there start a problem...BOOM

  • John - 2012-01-31 16:51

    The old man may be crazy, but his message this time round is so true!! Look at what Ban ki Moon is busy advocating. To hell with the West and also to hell with the East for their imperialist ways!

      Anthony - 2012-01-31 17:04

      What we need on this site, is not a political analyst, but a psychiatrist, who will try and analize, what is the facination for some, with tyrants like mugabe and gaddafi !!!!! "to hell with the West and to hell with the East" ???!!! Well, at least we will still have the King of Swaziland to be our buddy!!!!!!!

      John - 2012-02-01 07:27

      Your point being?

  • Takalani - 2012-01-31 16:58

    I respect this Icon Mugabe,man who fears no one ,Africa at its best

  • ksieda - 2012-01-31 17:24

    Mugabe is absolutely right! The old man might not be a saint, but this time he is right. Gaddaffi was brutally killed[may his soul rest in peace] yet nobody in the AU ever raised his head. And in Mugabe's own words, his children are now hunted like animals.

      Anthony - 2012-01-31 17:47

      @Ksieda, gaddafies kids ARE animals !!!!

      Hugh - 2012-01-31 18:51

      The Americans or Europe colonise Africa? You mean like the way China is doing? Oops sorry too late.

  • Andries - 2012-02-01 02:35

    What Mugabe is trying to say is 'We really should figure out what happened in Lybia. So we can prevent the people from doing the same in Zim.' Old Bob is such a paragon of sense isn't he. He's been banging on about the re-colonialisation boogyman for 25 years. The sad thing is most african leaders secretly agrees.

  • Serame - 2012-02-01 08:25

    Silence means concern..???

  • gmagaisa - 2012-02-01 09:38

    Mugabe please die! He is still president despite losing an election that was not even free and fair. The AU did nothing! SADC did nothing! He has the audacity to say the NTC which came into power through a people's revolution, should not be recognized! A pity! Or let us pray that he remains alive so he can be send to the Hague for all the crimes he has committed!

  • Wilbert - 2012-02-02 20:12

    Dream on, Mugabe. The reality is that Gadaffi is no more and the days of dictators like Gadaffi are truly numbered.

  • Brian Dings - 2012-02-08 13:35

    mugabe u a my hero am very proud of u .u mean wat u say u stand like a man u du wat u say viva rg viva

  • Fred - 2012-03-06 16:21

    Anyone notice not a word from Fidel, Michael and Patrick?

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