Genocide fugitive thought to be in Zim

2012-09-20 12:29

Cape Town - Zimbabwean police are offering $5m reward for information on a Rwandan genocide fugitive they say may be hiding in that country, according to a report.

According to Times Live, police were offering the reward for information on the location of Protais Mpiranya, a former Rwandan Presidential Guard commander wanted by a United Nations tribunal for Rwanda on allegations of participating in the mass killings of 60 000 civilians during that country's 1994 genocide.

Prosecutors asked for Zimbabwe's help under international laws to arrest Mpiranya, but immigration officials and police previously denied that he was in the country. Now police say Mpiranya may be in Zimbabwe.

  • vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-09-20 12:39 me com the great bounty hunter! Run Mr Mpiranya! I hope u not hiding in the state house

  • The4thHorsemen - 2012-09-20 12:52

    Is it $5 mil zim?

      The4thHorsemen - 2012-09-20 13:41

      The fact remains that Zim wants to borrow money from everybody! Where will they get 5 mill us to pay the reward. They are so broke they can't even pay attention. Thumbs up for nationalization it working out well for them

      stoffels.hoffies - 2012-09-20 18:54

      Haha, nice comment about the $5 mil zim dollar. Busisiwe, it is still to early to say whether nationalization works. I suppose there will be money till all in the mines have been plundered.

      irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-09-20 19:19

      busisiwe ~ Clearly education isn't. Sorry for you but why not go back there?

      dick.macalumba - 2012-09-22 07:09

      R50 million /$5m.

  • Jacques - 2012-09-20 13:01

    You would think Mugabe is there, surely?

  • BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-09-20 13:12

    Well he'll probably feel right at home in Zim.

  • - 2012-09-20 15:54

    Try looking in Mugabe's guest house.

  • mind.dube - 2012-09-20 16:33

    Give me $5m , I want by state house

  • steele.oyle - 2012-09-20 17:11

    I wonder if he was a Christian???

  • dustydusty.dusty.1 - 2012-09-20 17:25

    What makes me think he is the new hangman of this devil government 5mil my foot at the expense of suffering Zimbos.

  • stanton.clarke - 2012-09-20 20:04

    First tell me if its Zim $ or UD $.

      Jellyarse - 2012-09-20 22:32

      If Zim are offering it, it's Zim Dollars i.e two loaves of bread! Why, because they've offered him shelter in return for some of the millions he stole from his people. Birds of a feather should die together - Nuke the mother8uckers!

      dick.macalumba - 2012-09-22 07:04

      R50m in rands .

      dick.macalumba - 2012-09-22 07:04

      R50m in rands .

  • saul.nsingo - 2012-09-22 14:39

    Obviously one of the big fish will find him and get the state money as a reward. They never stop creating stories so they rack the money. If it was meant for everyone $500 wast to be the figure.

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