Mugabe 'a hypocrite, tired election candidate'

2012-02-25 10:10

 Cape Town - Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has lashed out at his coalition partner President Robert Mugabe, branding him a "hypocrite and tired election candidate" leading a group of cowards, Radio VOP reported on Friday.

According to the report, Tsvangirai told journalists during his monthly prime minister’s briefings he was increasingly getting annoyed by Mugabe’s unpredictability when it came to adhering to agreements made during their regular meetings as principals.

Tsvangirai singled out the recent unilateral reappointment of the country’s service chiefs by Mugabe as a case in which the aging leader had acted outside the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 19.

“We cannot have a president who takes a position with fellow principals today and then tomorrow acts outside that position and the constitution that he swore to uphold,” Tsvangirai said. “I have made it clear to the president that he is in breach and that I and the party that I lead would find it difficult to recognise.

“We have a president who indicates left and then turns right. He has undermined our collective position and agreement as principals while he directs his functionaries to execute decisions that are at variance with our common position. The question is, can the real Mugabe stand up. “I know that the president continues to live in the past forgetting that this is a shared responsibility.”

Tsvangirai vowed he and his party will not be pushed out of the inclusive process by Zanu-PF hardliners.

"We are aware of the plot to frustrate us, to wear us down and to force us out but we have the mandate and covenant with the people and we will brave on and ensure that we hold a free and fair poll by creating an environment that will guarantee the security of the person, the security of the vote and the security of the people’s will.

  • Shirley - 2012-02-25 10:30

    Hang in there Tsvangerai-this cousin of Idi Amin cannot live forever,hopefully sooner rather than later you will be able to liberate Zim from this racist,demented,money hungry,selfish,tyrant who has the cheek to call himself human!

      Cosmas - 2012-02-25 11:11

      david.lebethe u r a stooge yourself coz it looks like u are part of these dictators and u enjoy the suffering of the masses, idiot!!

      Vusi - 2012-02-25 11:23

      @Cosmo4n Don't worry about David my Bro. It is another dinosaur from the previous century. These old men are all the same. They don't care if we younger generations starve to death, as long as they can hate Colonialists, they think they are advancing Africa. We will only take this continent into the future once they have all died.

      Lungani - 2012-02-25 11:31

      @david.lebethe...If you stay in zimbabwe then I can keep quiet but if you are here in South Africa then you are not mentally ok. Because if Mubage is the best and doing the correct things according to you then kindly go and stay next to him in Zimbabwe and enjoy those best things he is doing. Because no one normal can say Satan is the best yet the same pewrson stays away from Satan; That is extreme hypocracy.

      Demetrius.Syriopoulos - 2012-02-25 11:31

      Vusi, so i find something to disagree upon with you. 1st i am also oldrer, but not like them. 2nd we cannot wait for them to die tomove on. they need to be ousted. life waits for no man. :)

      Vusi - 2012-02-25 11:36

      LOL LOL Demetrius! Sorry if I offended you, but I'm so sick of my life being screwed up by old men. Zuma, Mugabe, and the list never ends! They were all born before 1960 and I think there must have some serious poison in their water because they are all brain damaged!

      Jeeves - 2012-02-25 11:54

      Everything that has a beginning has an end Bobbo. You hear that? It's the sound of inevitability. This new generation is getting older and we are sick of your evil ways. There is no more black white, colonial, native or whatever label you try to stick on our foreheads. Now the divide is between those who want a great future together and those who stink of greed and corruption.

      Vusi - 2012-02-25 11:59

      @Jeeves So VERY true!!!!!! We are sick of the stupid ways of these old men! They are messing up this continent!

      wdvilliers - 2012-02-26 06:03

      David you are in is your country...

      Wilbert - 2012-02-28 17:45

      It was Tsvangirai's stupid decision to join this GNU that land us into this mess. The last thing Zimbabweans want is for Tsvangirai to hang on. We will never get rid of Mugabe with stupid leaders like Tsvangirai in positions of power!

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-02-25 10:31

    "The question is, can the real Mugabe stand up" Bob's your uncle!...

      Jeeves - 2012-02-25 11:55

      These days you can pop into a clinic and Bob's your auntie!

      Wilbert - 2012-02-28 17:56

      Louis The real Mugabe, the tyrant and murderer has been standing up all these last thirty years. It is Tsvangirai who has consistently failed to see the real Mugabe; seeing instead a democratic and "great national hero" he can trust and work with. It is hardly fair to blame Mugabe should for Tsvangirai's stupidity!

  • Poloyatonki - 2012-02-25 10:35

    I rather have Mugabe than Tsvangirai, Uncle Bob can have his cheese in peace because he had balls to chase away the rats.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-02-25 10:41

      I really hope one day you get the government you are so desperate for. When you are chained, tortured and watch as all your possessions are destroyed while your leader shops in Paris I will laugh hard and long

      jack.oosthuysen - 2012-02-25 10:42

      There is a sexual connotation here, (rather have Mugabe), cheese, balls.

      Larry - 2012-02-25 10:47

      @goyougoodthing. Pol has already got it. He is just too stupid to realize it yet.

      FinalJustice - 2012-02-25 10:56

      Singing the praises of Mugabe you poor soul. 'The balls to chase the rats away' you blatant racist. That's probably why the Zim nationals are still streaming over the border into SA, away from the 'paradise' he created for his people, starving because there's no food or any basic services, dying of colera, HIV, malaria and any endemic you can possibly think of, because there's zero concern for their well being. Hell knows I'm sadly positive that my grandchildren will see the day when the rest of the world looks onto Africa's demise in a final quest to redeem themselves form autocratic idiots like the ones you support.

      steve.luckie - 2012-02-25 11:02

      Africa will remain a dark continent as long as we still have idiot an like you who supports dictators.

      Nick - 2012-02-25 11:29

      @Polony a tonki (did I say that correctly?), you sir are the rat. You walk blindly in the dark eating away at a democratic future with your old world views and warped sense of morality. What good has Mugabe ever done for that country? He has destroyed it. Now Hopefully, Tsvangirai and men like him can rebuild the country and restore some international respect to it...

      Craig - 2012-02-25 11:33

      what an absolute moron

      Jeeves - 2012-02-25 11:57

      Trolliotonki. A white troll in Tsotsi clothing methinks.

      Shirley - 2012-02-25 12:37

      Poloyatonki: I take it you are an annorexic? Starvation is pleasant for you then? This condition is treatable. Your stupidity isnt!

      Balan - 2012-02-25 17:48

      @ Poliodonkey, you need a polio vaccination then your brains will function

      Wilbert - 2012-02-28 19:17

      Whilst I too would dismiss Poloyatonki as a "moron", still I can not help but get the feeling that the hatred of Mugabe the tyrant has blinded most people to Tsvangirai's incompetency. It is the latter’s serious short comings that has helped keep Mugabe in power these last ten years and thus by extension the support of those behind Tsvangirai. As far back as 2001 the then US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chris Dell, described Tsvangirai as a “flawed and indecisive character”. Tens years later with a mountain of Tsvangirai blunders it seems the penny is yet to drop for some people. Mugabe is the thorny tree we want to cut down but after years of trying and with blistered hands common would dictate that we need a sharp axe! Tsvangirai, the axe, we have been using so far is useless! Those who continue to support Tsvangirai are doing nothing but queuing for a turn to take at the tree with the bland axe. Yes it will help them let out the years pended up frustration. There will be a lot more blistered hands and, worse still, the thorny tree will remain standing. Those who continue to follow this course of action are not morons but they are not far behind. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree,” remarked Abraham Lincoln, “and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” Very wise advise; I would say!

  • david.lebethe - 2012-02-25 10:40

    Like a typical stooge, he waited till long to respond. He first had to get a directive from his masters in order to reply to a simple question of suitable date for elections. He is still to respond to Mugabe's sedition charge.

      steve.luckie - 2012-02-25 11:06

      Dude are you blind or stupid/ ignorant? on the flip side of the coin, Zim people are starving while te dictator is living lavida loca!!

      Xavier7034 - 2012-02-25 12:48

      Wewe @david.lebethe ni sauti ya shetani rafiki yangu - kwenda nyuma ya kibanda yako - ikiwa ni moja.

      Balan - 2012-02-25 17:55

      @ david, you are the typical stooge

  • Larry - 2012-02-25 10:45

    Unfortunately, Mugabe could say the same about Morgan and the MDC.

  • Dennis - 2012-02-25 10:45

    And nobody has ever thought to get rid of this dictator ? His sheeple are worse than our sheeple !!

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-02-25 11:06

    i dont understand wats so hard about popping a cynide pill in his breakfast ?? surely someone makes him breakfast!?!?

      dineo.mathebula - 2012-02-25 11:55

      sound exactly lyk ur father da devil....ur mothr mst b a witch,u wizard..wat's wrong wit u already?

      david.lebethe - 2012-02-25 12:55

      What goes round comes around, buddy. In the event that you didn't get cynide from your breast feeding then watch yourt meal.

  • Arthur - 2012-02-25 11:10

    Mugabe, you claimed to be better than Christ, or some such idiotic claim. Now walk on water you prick, and drown!

      david.lebethe - 2012-02-25 13:00

      He is not an idiot like you who literally imbibes what is written in bible.

      Johan - 2012-02-25 14:42


  • Heiku - 2012-02-25 11:50

    Finally he grows a pair.

  • Nigel - 2012-02-25 12:07

    well maybe the people of Zimbabwe will wake up & get rid of this idiot & his party, but seems that they don't mind having a dictator plunder their country while they live in poverty.

      Brian - 2012-02-25 13:03

      @Nigel. The problem is .... the people who are so sick (literally) and tired of Mugabe can, in fact, do nothing against blatantly rigged "elections". I used to live in Rhodesia, and a more beautiful place would be hard to find. The people - all of them - were happy and settled, with plenty of food, plenty of good health care and few problems. I feel for the people still there - barely existing under the tyrannical, maniacal rule of Dictator Bob. It's easy to say "kill the SOB" but how? He is so well protected (because he lives in fear anyway) I doubt anyone could get close enough. Added to that, if he goes, who is going to take over? Another dictator? I have no answers for this beautiful country to the north of us. All I can do is offer my moral support and sincerely hope that it will imrove and once again become the bread-basket of Africa.

  • david.lebethe - 2012-02-25 12:48

    @Vusi. You seem to come from a place where elderly are extinct species and/or a delinquent who have any regard to his elders. The one you loath elderly people, I doubt that you come from a good home let alone good school. The way that your mind is so poluted you see respect only in white and nothing in your kith and kind. Like a true parent, am not going to give up on you but to teach you - watch this space and see what is ubuntu and how to become an independent black person. To both Lungani and Lucky, Zimbabwe is a free country that is under siege from the West. Her sin is to expropriate the land (from white farmers) and give it to its rightful owners (read black) after Britain (read colonial power) reneged on making good for it (please read History of Zimbabwe). Zimbabwe is today poor because, the West (lead by Britain) has declared sanctions against the country in sympathy of white farmers who have been driven from the land they have forcefully occupied during colonialism. Zimbabwe's history is not different to ours - just like them, land was central to our struggle for liberation. However, unlike Zimbabwe, our objectives (read freedom) was circumvented at Kempton Park during talks-about-talks wherein "our leaders" compromised a lot. - 2012-02-25 16:19

      david britain gave mugabe 44million english pounds at independence to buy farms from whites,but uncle bob decided he liked all that money and it vanished into his overseas accounts,your can get confirmation of this through the freedom of information act in britain,something that is not and never will be available in zimbabwe will ruled by tyrants

      Balan - 2012-02-25 18:03

      @david you are a bluddy idiot, don't blame the west, blame your corrupted leaders.

  • Samora Machel Thamsanqa - 2012-02-25 12:53

    You don't know anything you Morgan! Please spare us your frustrations. You are a failure and you will never be President of Zim in your life time. It won't happen, focus on your young girls

      goyougoodthing - 2012-02-25 13:43

      A delusional North West Uni moron.

  • Longfellow - 2012-02-25 13:33

    Hey Bob, you, the repository of the wisdom of the ages, how is all that intelligence working for you, and more importantly, Zimbabwe? I see Zim Air has been grounded! The most recent event in a litany of woe since you took over, hey!? The infrastructure is collapsing, if it has not already done so. The farms are not working and more than half of the remaining half, or third, of the population is starving.It just goes on and on, doesn't it. There you are, so intelligent and cannot it it right! You're looking tired Boet, all this failure must be playing havoc with your sleep patterns?

  • Boosunmedia - 2012-02-25 13:39

    Does the drama in Zimbabawe ever end? If anyone ever thought that they could trust Mugabe , then that person is the fool. Mugabe does not respect any laws, he is a gangstar in suite, that is why many have failed to recognise him for what he is. Visit my blog

  • Angelo - 2012-02-25 15:36

    Mugabe is a gangster no one can trust this dictator while he gets his cronnies and the support that one reads these people are the ones that gain from the regime .we all now the amount of black people that he has killed more than the chimurenga war . so the only way to get this bobo out is a zimbabwe uprising LYBIA... SYRIA TYPE ..cause when he goes the army will take over and more killings will follow .

  • ludlowdj - 2012-02-27 09:28

    Zim will remain a dictatorship just exchanging one dictator for another, until such time as their population learns to rise above its slave mentality.

  • Wilbert - 2012-02-28 17:41

    Tsvangirai is obsessed about staying in the GNU! The question he should ask himself is; what hhas he achieved by being there? Nothing other than giving Mugabe the legitimacy and a ministrial car for him and his MDC friends. Is it an wonder that most Zimbabweans do not care one bit if this whole sad episode in our history never happened!

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