Mugabe ally trashes draft constitution

2012-07-31 18:44

Pretoria - An outspoken lawmaker of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's party on Tuesday rejected a new draft constitution that would rein in presidential powers as an attack on democracy.

"It strips the executive of all powers and leaves it as a clerical branch of government," said Jonathan Moyo, a one-time spin doctor of Mugabe's and former information minister.

"This draft is an attack, quite a serious attack on our sovereignty, quite a serious attack on our democracy."

The document will go to a referendum vote, most probably in October, and is a key reform demanded by regional mediators ahead of polls to end the uneasy ruling coalition between Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Speaking at a discussion forum organised by Idasa, a Pretoria-based African democracy institute, Moyo said the ruling Zanu-PF had last week spent 18 hours combing through the document and is still discussing it.

The long delayed draft did not reflect the views expressed by ordinary Zimbabweans during an outreach programme but was a compromise between the main political parties, he said.

Draft disputed

"If you ask what is it that is in the draft that raises problems... I am tempted to say everything. But if I say that it has 18 chapters, but I can tell you that each of the 18 chapters has a problem."

The draft plans to set down a presidential two-term limit of 10 years and strip any immunity from prosecution after leaving office.

Mugabe has been in power since independence in 1980 with his term peppered with accusations of of human right abuses.

He also criticised the regional power bloc SADC for continuing to "poke its nose" in the day-to-day running of the power-sharing government long after it brokered power.

The draft was finished this month by negotiators from the country's main political parties and has already been disputed by some analysts.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai formed a coalition government in February 2009 after a disputed presidential poll run-off in June 2008.

  • tobydt - 2012-07-31 18:52

    "It strips the executive of all powers and leaves it as a clerical branch of government" Yeah? Dont you like democracy?

  • Squeegee - 2012-07-31 19:03

    Jonathan Moyo is as trustworthy as ... an ANCYL exec member.

  • wendy.schneider3 - 2012-07-31 19:19

    dumb...dumber ....dumbest

      Mark - 2012-08-10 19:26

      dumb, dumber, dumberer.

  • Mark - 2012-07-31 19:32

    Welcome to deepest, darkest Africa where politicians rule like village chieftains.

  • donovan.hendricks.7 - 2012-07-31 19:55

    Africa politcs.draft,policies and comitees are formed,but nothing works,what a bunch of arrogant egotistical idiots we have ruling this continent.

  • Henk - 2012-07-31 19:56

    Democracy in Africa.....

  • kevin.pitzer - 2012-07-31 19:56

    It strips cos it means the end of the Gravy Train.....Wake up world and continue sanctions !

  • david.mlambo.77 - 2012-07-31 20:15

    May the reporter NOTE Jonathan Moyo is not a lawmaker but a puppet to Mugabe who is asked to pursue Human Right abuse and impliment dictatorial legislature,s. He may rubish it all but at the end of it all he is not the nation but just a citizen like every other, and will only be awarded one vote to this Draft.\r\nGood Luck Jonah

  • millionwatts1 - 2012-07-31 20:56

    I think MDC is taking the bait nicely for ZANU there. They are too slow.

  • jabulani.ngwenya.90 - 2012-08-01 12:45

    Zimbabwe is where it is and 98% of the causes is Jonathan Moyo, the gold digger. Now he is at it again, "maïntain the country under dictatorship and protect the looting officials and presidents from prosecution". In fact Jonathan dreams of himself a president of Zimbabwe one day, that is why he wants to return and even add more on the presidential powers and freedom to loot the economy of Zimbabwe. If what is in the constitutional draft is not what the people of Zimbabwe then why afraid of the referandum? Let it go through and the people's vote will say. It is their constitution not yours Jonathan, it is for the majority not the minority and the opposition like ZANU and you. For heaven's sake, we all know that you are against the freedom of Zimbabwe. Let Zimbabwe be free of looters, dectators and oppressors like you.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-08-01 16:52

      Well said. Let's hope sanity and democracy prevail.

  • danny.dube.984 - 2012-08-03 07:15

    He thinks zimbabwe belongs to him and his friends in Zanu.People who are power hungry do.nt deserve to be leaders because they forget the masses.Zimbabwe @constitution belongs to all not few elite.

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