Mugabe is not ill - Zanu-PF

2011-01-19 12:19

Cape Town - Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF has dismissed claims that the country’s president Robert Mugabe is ill and is receiving treatment in Malaysia as unfounded.

A report in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper on Monday claimed that Mugabe was in hospital in Malaysia following a prostate operation.

In an interview with News24 on Wednesday, Zanu-PF’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said the reports were based on speculation.

“That is speculation. There are people who wish the president dead and they think that’s a good way of damaging his excellency.  The truth is that the president goes on leave every year. He goes to Malaysia every year for Christmas and New Year. So as far as we know, he is still there and we don’t know anything about the operation,” Gumbo said

'Serious' operation

Gumbo said Zanu-PF was not surprised to hear such reports as it was becoming a norm among foreign media to make such claims each time “the president goes on leave”.

“These reports keep recurring every year because there are some people who have a regime change agenda and therefore wish the president the worst. They wish him dead. What is surprising is that when they come here and see him they always say he looks healthy for his age but still go on to peddle such false reports about his health," said Gumbo.

Gumbo‘s reaction concurred with that of Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba, who is also reported to have denied the president was ill. He told the Zimbabwean newspaper Newsday that Mugabe was on "annual leave" in Malaysia and will return to Zimbabwe soon.

The Telegraph cited diplomatic sources as saying that Mugabe, 86, had undergone a “serious operation after his prostate flared up". It added that “within his Zanu-PF party, there is confidence he will return home within a week and recover fully”.

In other reports, however, a Malaysian foreign ministry spokesperson told the Malaysia newspaper that “there is no indication that Mugabe is here for an operation”.

Army 'on high alert'

Meanwhile, the Cape Times reported on Wednesday that the Zimbabwean army was on high alert on Tuesday “amid uncertainty over the health of Robert Mugabe”.

Quoting diplomatic sources, the newspaper alleged it was possible that Mugabe would be “severely incapacitated by the major operation and might never be able to function fully as president again”.

Rumours over Mugabe’s health have circulated over the years, but have never been confirmed.

Mugabe has in the past denied rumours over his health. In a meeting with Zimbabwean editors at State House, he was quoted as saying: “I don’t know how many times I die, but nobody has ever talked about my resurrection. I suppose they don’t want to, because it would mean they would mention my resurrection several times and that would be quite divine an achievement for an individual who is not divine.

“Jesus died once, and was resurrected only once, and poor President Mugabe several times. My time will come, but for now, no.”

  • Pleb - 2011-01-19 12:27

    As if anyone cares !

      Mythbuster - 2011-01-19 12:38

      Pleb, very apt name. Never in history has the world awaited a death with more anticipation...

      Crispy_Duck - 2011-01-19 12:39

      Lots of people care...most of them wish he was ill...

      AlfredNeuman - 2011-01-19 13:17

      Hey, I care! It's important to keeps tabs on these things if you're going to organise an appropriate party to celebrate this syphilitic lunatic finally buying the farm. "buying the farm"... Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! ;)

      Alfred - 2011-01-19 13:19

      Hey, I care! It's important to keeps tabs on these things if you're going to organise an appropriate party to celebrate this syphilitic lunatic finally buying the farm. "buying the farm"... Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! ;)

  • TheWasp - 2011-01-19 12:34

    The babbling idiot/ dicatator is SICK - Period!

      IandI - 2011-01-19 13:50

      Just in case he is tsill alive,here's wishing uncle Bob a speedy illness then.

  • Len - 2011-01-19 12:40

    He must not die, first he must suffer the same pain he has inflicted on the millions of Zimbabwe people

      ArtimusPrime - 2011-01-19 16:58

      uhm, you want him to stay alive? So he can still control things over there from his bed?

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-01-19 12:40

    You're bloody right he's not ill, A stark raving mad man is what he is !!! Africa's downward spiral is because of Power hungry lunatics like Mugabe & co...same story in the Ivory Coast...

      ray.romans - 2011-01-19 13:53

      And the same as Malema. They are peas in a pod, those two.

  • HowardX - 2011-01-19 12:41

    Yea right, like anyone believes anything ZanuPF says...

  • Johan - 2011-01-19 12:44

    Pleb, how can you ask if anyone care - I cares, I hope he dies very soon.

      HadEnuf - 2011-01-19 12:59

      Wouldn't that make a great headline. Can't wait.

  • siera85 - 2011-01-19 12:48

    As if they would tell us if he was sick!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle_logan - 2011-01-19 12:48

    he definatly is sick... mentally sick, along with all ZANU PF supporters and ANC and well.

  • gilliansan - 2011-01-19 12:59

    What a pity! - A load of Mumbo Gumbo I suppose...........

      Byron Nicholas - 2011-01-19 15:18

      LOL,nice one

  • lmduplessis - 2011-01-19 12:59

    Hes had "The POX" for years now, which is the reason for his insanity.

  • Bosduif - 2011-01-19 13:01

    To think there are still people voting for this guy. And people wonder why Africa is still "3rd world".

      barry.mcbride - 2011-01-19 15:11

      There has been no such thing as 1st or 3rd world for many years now. Countries are either underdeveloped, developing, or developed.

  • Jou Mal Emmer - 2011-01-19 13:02

    I hope he's an organ donor...... we can transplant his's never been used!

      Perfume - 2011-01-19 15:48

      Haibo wena we dont need another clone of Mad Bob, just imagine someone else having his brain lol!!!!

  • Goose - 2011-01-19 13:10

    Always amazes me that these dictators do not have a single capable surgeon in their own countries. They always have to go overseas for medical treatment. Surely these assh@les should be made to endure their own self-created healthcare systems!

      Alfred - 2011-01-19 13:25

      Exactly. His fat arsed missus is constantly flying to Harod's in the sworn enemy's own back yard and his daughter is "edumakating" herself in a university in Hong Kong. Why don't they bask in the glory of the utopia that they've created? There will be a special place in hell for that crazy bastard.

      Pleb - 2011-01-19 13:33

      Amazing that these countries actually allow these things in to their countries - that is more the point - let him be treated in his own cockroach infested hospitals

      richard - 2011-01-19 15:27

      No he is to afraid a doctor in his country will kill him

  • Stylin - 2011-01-19 13:17

    If this story says anything it says "Don't believe everything you read" - Once again, not enough effort is made to qualify stories these days.

  • wisegirl - 2011-01-19 13:17

    Can't wait for the headline "Dictator Going Down ", "new Hope for Zim"

      Pleb - 2011-01-19 13:32

      They are all tarred with the same brush so it won't matter who takes over ! both zanu and mdc

      mazbruce - 2011-01-19 14:15

      His body is decomposing while he is still alive. What a fitting end. I hope this continues for many years to come and he suffers unbarable pain.

  • durbsviking - 2011-01-19 13:19

    "So as far as we know, he is still there and we don’t know anything about the operation,” Gumbo said" ROTFLMAO - now who is speculating.

  • Misan Thrope - 2011-01-19 13:21

    Gosh, what a pity. I hope he gets ill soon.

  • Ed - 2011-01-19 13:30

    If he has his prostate taken out then he will have no brain at all

  • Gavin - 2011-01-19 13:30

    You guys are all wrong! The asshole has died already and Zanu PF want to keep it quiet so ZANU can still rule. You will see in 30 years time Mogabe will still be dictating.

      vonkiedoël - 2011-01-19 13:49

      he'll never die... just mysteriously disappear like Hitler..

  • watalife - 2011-01-19 13:36

    terrible news, i was hoping he was busy dying a very long slow death. will

  • BigD - 2011-01-19 13:37

    Mugabe has been ill for years now. Maybe it is time for him to go for good.

      Cyril - 2011-01-19 13:53

      He has been in power 26 years too long!!!!!!!!!

  • ji - 2011-01-19 13:43

    pity , wish he would just die already .

  • RickRoss - 2011-01-19 13:46

    Hope he is ill n dies!!

  • Ingie - 2011-01-19 13:49

    what a pity. he cant be ill in his head as he has no brains!!!IDIOT and he wont be missed by millions i am sure.

  • Simon - 2011-01-19 13:49

    Can`t wait for the tyme to tell.Snr Kabila they was joy Maybe it`s tyme also.Inkunzi emnyam

  • Guy - 2011-01-19 13:56

    This modern trend to ascribe mental illness to evil gets on my wick. Mugabe is not mentally ill, and he is not stupid either. What he is , is completely selfish and totally evil. These traits, together with his malevolent intelligence have enabled him to survive and thrive in Africas dog eat dog environment. He was prepared to do anything to gain power, and he has done everything to keep it. Old fasioned evil and it should be eradicated like the disease it is.

      Barry M - 2011-01-19 14:18

      Yes he is evil and selfish, but he is also as dumb as a door-knob!

      Perfume - 2011-01-19 15:51


      Perfume - 2011-01-19 15:52


      Perfume - 2011-01-19 15:58


  • SpeareShaker - 2011-01-19 14:10

    General Peter Walls? died in exile, Ian Douglas Smiff? died in exile, Bennett? Well, they say he's got cancer in the private parts and now he's got no balls. This Bob, this Bob.

  • Barry M - 2011-01-19 14:17

    Why is Bob's nostrils so big? So that he can use his finger to change his mind manually!

  • cammaratagerardo - 2011-01-19 14:22

    Mugabe is a legend, and respected by many in Africa and abroad. Let's all pray for his good health and not spread mischievous rumours.

      Warren - 2011-01-19 14:44

      Mugabe destroyed his country.

      pop101 - 2011-01-19 14:55

      Jip, and thats way thousands upon thousands are fleeing Zim.

      igno - 2011-01-19 15:32

      cammaratagerardo, From which planet are you boykie

      richard - 2011-01-19 15:33


      Perfume - 2011-01-19 15:59

      U can pray yourself!!!!!!! HE IS EVIL

      cammaratagerardo - 2011-01-19 19:29

      Racists. It was the imperialists that destroyed Zimbabwe. Just like SA is still reeling from the effect of Apartheid, just so a divide remains in Zimbabwe. Mr Mugabe is a freedom struggle hero, and had a major role in Zim gaining independence. You people can hate him all you want, but he is a good man, with pure intentions. That is why even Thabo Mbeki respected him, and Julius Malema went there to study how well Zim has done after overthrowing the imperialist yoke.

      Felix - 2011-02-18 12:10

      cammaratagerardo, what's it like working for Zanu? All the nyama you can eat? You selfish racist prick.

  • jjhvan - 2011-01-19 14:43

    Tsk tsk tsk. You people are all so nasty. Remember to his grandchildren he is just a dear, nice old man.

      richard - 2011-01-19 15:34

      Yes, only to them

  • K_za - 2011-01-19 14:50

    ZIMBABWE--when this old man is dead...please take back your lives. I wish you all the strength on earth.

      richard - 2011-01-19 15:35

      My sentiment exactly!

  • Tshane - 2011-01-19 14:59

    I heard the knife slipped and cut of his colon thus restricting the brain flow now he does get his daily source of brains back in his @rse, doctors say he will be a vegetable till his colon recovers from the stitches.

  • kingkong - 2011-01-19 15:00

    i hope he dies in pain like all the people he killed. The sooner the better. dont think it will impove in zim tough

  • Mutemi - 2011-01-19 15:01

    has been ill since 1980

  • daboss247365 - 2011-01-19 15:16


  • Marius - 2011-01-19 15:17

    The sooner that thing dies the better. Hopefully a slow painful death.

  • Bosj - 2011-01-19 15:18

    May he have a speedy illness. Damn

  • richard - 2011-01-19 15:23


  • igno - 2011-01-19 15:30

    Unfortunately not!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Kukard - 2011-01-19 15:33

    Its about time this senile ape died

  • Perfume - 2011-01-19 15:43


  • Allin - 2011-01-19 15:47

    He might not be ill, but he's been SICK for years

  • Janaman - 2011-01-19 15:52

    the first time i've seem this many comments agreeing to the same thing! there may be hope after all, it just takes 26 years of chaotic destruction, murder and starvation... i hope the South Africans can choose their leaders with more conscience !

  • - 2011-01-19 16:07

    Listen... His lifestyle is a contagious disease... What else can be more damaging than that!

  • Barry - 2011-01-19 16:13

    He's over stayed his welcome by 80 years. Oxygen thief.

  • Pothole - 2011-01-19 16:56

    When this guy die you will hear a roar Like never before.

  • Greg - 2011-01-19 17:10

    The only problem with Bob being gravely ill is that he will probably be treated in SA. Not in Zim like the rest of his poor(er) countrymen!

  • Shane - 2011-01-19 17:36

    i hope the murdering swine mongrel pig dies a painful death . it will be a cold day in hell when he clutches . i hate the bastard .

  • Chibuli - 2011-01-19 18:20

    Mugabe's death will be the single most celebrated event in the history of the African continent. He has caused more suffering to the African people than all the world's dictators combined. He is a FAILURE and an embarrassment to Africa. Even his grave will not be a refuge from the hate of the people. I for one will piss on it - frequently and fervently.

      Felix - 2011-02-18 12:14

      Right on Buddy :)!

  • Andy49 - 2011-01-19 18:50

    Could it be that Mandela & Mogo-obe are vying to be the last one standing, or planning simultaneous death? One countries citizens will cry & mourn, the other will rejoice & celebrate.