Mugabe 'likely to win up to 75% of vote'

2013-08-02 09:28

Harare - President Robert Mugabe is likely to win up to 75% of Zimbabwe's presidential vote over his rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, his party said on Friday.

"It's the prediction that the president might likely get 70 to 75%," Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said, saying early results showed a strong lead for the 89-year-old veteran.

Official results from Wednesday's presidential election have not yet been released, but Gumbo said tallies posted at some polling stations had showed a landslide for Mugabe.

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"It's the feel. From what I see what is happening on the ground," he said.

With about a third of the national assembly results released, Gumbo was also confident the party would achieve a two-thirds majority in the 210-seat house.

"We can't get less than 130, 140 seats. I'm sure will get there. I think we are going to get about two-thirds majority."

The first official results showed Mugabe's party storming ahead, winning 52 of the 62 seats announced.

Tsvangirai, who is making his third bid to end 89-year-old Mugabe's 33-year rule, has slammed the vote as a "huge farce".

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  • Sean - 2013-08-02 09:34

    yoh yoh yoh yoh yoh yoh!!!!! eish.....

      Johann Smurph - 2013-08-02 09:44

      What a joke. Zapiro had an excellent cartoon yesterday about this farce. Idi Amin / Jean-Bedel Bokassa / Mobutu Sese-Seko / Robert Mugabe - They're all the same: power-hungry, greedy, self-enriching dictators. And the sheep of Africa look up to them and exclaim in wonder: "Wow! Freedom!"

      ThomasFreeman - 2013-08-02 09:45

      Alicialouise - if that is the case and it sounds like Mugabes way the West will NEVER recognise it or lift sanctions on Zim. Welcome to another term of ZANU PF hell.

      Jason van Heerden - 2013-08-02 09:48

      Yeah I think we need to let Zimbabwe be, we really just need to focus our energy into South Africa and build it up even more... Do what it takes to get more foreign investment so we can build up our own people. We also need to setup a task force to look for illegal immigrants and get them out and setup better border controls. It might hurt financially at the start but in the long term it will be better for the country. We need to look after our own and let Zimbabwe sort itself out. West must stop the foreign aid and let the Chinese who back Mugabe help out Zim for a change.

      ThomasFreeman - 2013-08-02 09:53

      So Ian Smith was right. Democracy does not WORK in Southern Africa. It is not one man one vote but one intimidated sheep and his vote.

      Go Ape - 2013-08-02 10:23

      As much intimidation as there has clearly been, fact remains is that there are still lots of people that voted for good old Bob out of their own free will... That is where this just becomes mind-numbing - that there is even one person left that will vote for a dick-tator that has completely devastated every single sector of a country and left it in ruin... And we will see a repeat of this 'African' thinking next year when the idiot masses line-up to vote for the ANC again. Suffering and struggling is something they do so well, they don't know any other way...

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:34

      Agreed Go-Ape, as long as they have a common enemy, the actual ones suppressing them carry on unabated. Eish

      KingPun - 2013-08-02 10:52

      Monday morning news: President Robert Mugabe has died of a heart attack on the eve of the official release for the election out come.

      Mattewis Kat - 2013-08-02 11:34

      Yeah, I presume a 100% victory would make it look rather suspicious! Even to idiots who think the elections were free & fair.

  • Alan Smith - 2013-08-02 09:34

    Most popular guy in history! Not!

  • Sky Rider - 2013-08-02 09:35

    It must have been his superior delivery to the people and all the good that he has done for the Country and its economy that has won him such support!!! I think not.

      Jambo Lucille - 2013-08-02 10:35

      It is unbelievable in this day and age. One thing is for sure though, he will die, no one can live forever Mugabe. And my only hope is that what he has subjected his people to will be a drop in the ocean compared to his eternal life in HELL!

      Elm Manu - 2013-08-02 18:43

      And when he dies, someone from ZANU-PF will take over, and MDC-T still remains out there in the cold.

  • ThomasFreeman - 2013-08-02 09:39

    You get the government you deserve. If you suffer because of it don't ask for help from the West. Zimbabwe you made your own bed now lie in it and shut up.

      sunblock - 2013-08-02 09:59


      RabbleRouser - 2013-08-02 10:11

      I absolutely agree. If Mugabe wins then the fact remains that there were sufficient numbers that supported him. Zimbabweans must then accept their fate.

      Loura Holtzhausen Stegmann - 2013-08-02 10:14

      Such will be the same said of our South Africa someday if we keep going as is... very sad for those who did not vote or who had no choice!

      Zohan Steppingstone - 2013-08-02 11:32

      Isaac, it does affect you: How many millions of Zims in SA? around 3 million I think. That's 3Mil jobs taken away from South Africans. How long do you think the average jobless black guy sitting in front of his shack is going to tolerate this state of affairs?

      Zumba - 2013-08-02 12:15

      Zohan they take 3 Million jobs that our average lazy black guys don't want. Our youth of today want 16k a month a fee car and a free farm, only then will they get off their ass and get a beer from the fridge.

      Elm Manu - 2013-08-02 18:44

      Believe you me we are already prepared to lie on this bed that we have just made!

      Elm Manu - 2013-08-02 18:47

      IsaacClarke, are you describing Zimbabwe or South Africa? You do need to get some education buddy if you need to compete with Zimbabweans!

  • Sifakubi Masuku - 2013-08-02 09:39

    Congratulations President R.G Mugabe, Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

      ThomasFreeman - 2013-08-02 09:41

      Just to the Chinese who will crucify you.

      Johann Smurph - 2013-08-02 09:47

      Yes, they're free, don't worry about the poverty, unemployment, food aid, corruption, theft of aid and resources - "we'll gladly suffer and die from starvation while we're free!" Idiots...

      Stinkvingertjie van Tonder - 2013-08-02 09:48

      Yes congratulations. You forgot to mention that theu would also never again have food, jobs, an economy, infrastucture etc etc. LOL you are almost as big a joke as Mugabe.

      Sky Rider - 2013-08-02 09:59


      Draadsitter - 2013-08-02 10:11

      If that is you opinion then he must surely take back the millions of his fellow countrymen and woman sheltering in South Africa. I think it's time to get tough on our immigration laws. We cannot afford to support Zimbabwe as well. Why, we don't even have money to fly our military helicopters. (except for Zuma's weekly flights to Nkandla)

      Andrew Selous - 2013-08-02 10:31


      Sexmore Kunaka - 2013-08-02 10:36

      uri mhata

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:38

      And you are writing this from where? Why? And look around you, more Zimbos are in SA, why? Maybe they will never be a prospering Colony again, but definitely they will be a basket case forever with racist attitudes like yours. You make me sick

      Ritz40 - 2013-08-02 10:43

      Sifakubi is not an idiot, he is a Zim. They are allowed to vote for Bob. Let them be. Now Sifakubi please go back to your non colony country and leave our non colony country alone. You are robbing our people of jobs. Xenophobia has a place in society when your neighbor vote someone in place who they don't want and of result move to a different country and steal jobs.

      Ashanzi Afrika - 2013-08-02 10:53

      Sifakubi, I agree that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. However, this has nothing to do with Robert Mugabe. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe has not been a British colony since Ian Smith's UDI when he freed the country from British colonialism. It is now up to Zimbabweans to implement democracy after 33 years of autocracy and kleptocracy.

      Ronald Gibson - 2013-08-02 10:57

      Zimbabwe will never be ANYTHING again, never mind a colony.

      Jambo Lucille - 2013-08-02 11:03

      Sifakubi Masuku, the world has changed!!!!. No African country will be colonized again, no one is disputing that, but that does not mean you should settle for any African leader - choose a leader of the people, not one that supports himself and his elite few. We do however need foreign investments, they create jobs, add to our infrastructure and the future of our country. Zimbabwe has not changed, there has been little to no development, it looks like it did back in the 80's, ask yourself why?

      Jean Rossouw - 2013-08-02 11:49

      Another Lemming

      Peter Venter - 2013-08-02 12:26

      Sifakubi, have you got a stake or shares in one of Mugabe's state owned mines? Judging by your photo you look well fed.

      Imagine Sense - 2013-08-02 12:54

      Never is a very long time, so be careful! Basket-case countries may well be "colonized" again, but this time economically. The masters will probably be Chinese, and they have zero respect for blacks, so don't expect any mercy there. Hard times lie ahead for most African countries.

      Kudzie Tichargwa - 2013-08-02 14:18

      the truth will always be uncontested. Tsvangirai is a fake. Always whining like a puppy.

  • Be Lebs - 2013-08-02 09:41

    Congratulations to RG Mugabe, and ZANU-PF

      Draadsitter - 2013-08-02 10:15

      I wonder if you would have made that statement if you were a Zimbabwean living in SA as a result Uncle Bob's ineptitude at running a country. How long will it be before SA gets asked for another loan?

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:40

      Jean Rossouw - 2013-08-02 11:49

      More Lemmings

  • France Modise - 2013-08-02 09:41

    Well done ZANU PF and the people of Zimbabwe.You have voted for a continued control of your country and all its natural resources .You have voted against Western Imperialism.You are exemplary.

      Billy Andrew Croucamp - 2013-08-02 09:47

      I agree they can hold on to aF#*ked up econony, corruption, stavation,killings, rape,robery,etc all those nice things....they voted so get on with it.

      Stinkvingertjie van Tonder - 2013-08-02 09:55

      HEHEHE they are still free, but without food and jobs. What a life!!! You see France life works like this. I can give you a full toolbox, but you actually have to get off youre ass and go work with it to make money. You cant just get the toolbox and thing its going to make money by itself. I mean this is not rocket science. You and Mugabe can say as many nice words as you like. The proof is there for everyone to see what the country and its economy was like before and after the westerners was there.

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:40

      Jean Rossouw - 2013-08-02 11:50

      And some more Lemmings

      Jason van Heerden - 2013-08-02 12:21

      hahaha France you mean the Chinese are silently taking your resources from under your noses, but good news for Mugabe and his generals :)

  • Naomi Smart - 2013-08-02 09:45

    Truly, what a waste of time, rigged from the beginning! They might as well of done heads or tails in a coin toss....

      Sean Potgieter - 2013-08-02 10:44

      Heads, I win, tails, you lose...Uncle Bob doesn't play fair

  • Patrick Hayes - 2013-08-02 09:46

    Hail the Commander in Chief,the African liberator,Comrade Mugabe.A landslide victory! Congratulations Mr President.This is one of the finest elections Africa has ever held. Westerners are stunned.Its time for the EU's puppet-Tsvangirai to quit politics, he has been rejected.

      Jason van Heerden - 2013-08-02 09:51

      I agree Patrick , the West must stop interfering with Aid aswell as butting into Zim politics only then can we see if the people love Mugabe or if we will have a modern day French Revolution. Hey if they can't afford bread let them eat the cake Mugabe will provide.

      Tinavo Bvumburai Magaisa - 2013-08-02 09:53


      Subspace Human - 2013-08-02 09:54

      lol and the people suffer! lol

      Draadsitter - 2013-08-02 10:18

      Patrick you are blinded by reality. He needs the west more than the west needs him. Let him turn to the east and see that their money does not come without strings attached.

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:40

      Innocent M Garanowako - 2013-08-02 10:44

      Patrick, well said. All those guys complaining should learn from us Zimbabweans. We've chosen the direction we want, who are they to speak on our behalf? Idiots.

      Jean Rossouw - 2013-08-02 11:50

      Must a another Lemming with brothers who are also Lemmings

  • Mcebisi Ndamase - 2013-08-02 09:48

    People are really unpredictable, How can they vote for Mugabe after all these years without any improvement.

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:41

      Sean Potgieter - 2013-08-02 10:42

      It is quite difficult to vote for the opposition under the watchful iron sights of a machine gun.

      June Francis - 2013-08-02 12:03

      the voting was rigged thats for sure.

  • J Tham Mcthebz - 2013-08-02 09:49

    Now you are going to know the real meaning of suffering..people i feeling for you. Eish gogo mugabe!

  • Debby Frans - 2013-08-02 09:51

    I am in state of shock, I could breastfeed a crocodile, that is riculous, unacceptable;it is daylight robbing, what about the people who voted Mugabe out, I personally think Morgan won 80% of the vote. They used a different strategy, instead of violence, they moved to voters roll, it is unbelievable! What now? Do they really think in the eyes of the international community this election was free and fair, please Zanu PF you were born as thugs and you will die as thugs, one day is one day, mark my words, it will end,I close my case and wish you all burn in hell.

      Innocent M Garanowako - 2013-08-02 11:03

      Don't worry yourselves madam, we're mature enough to handle our affairs this side of the river. Just sit down, watch and learn from us. The only shock you're going have is seeing how behind you are on everything.

  • Nemukumbini Shonza - 2013-08-02 09:54

    "Mugabe 'likely to win up to 75% of vote'" The article should be "Mugabe 'likely to fraud the vote up to 75% to his favour'" Bustard!!

      Marshall Mokwena - 2013-08-02 10:04

      Well said.

  • ThomasFreeman - 2013-08-02 09:55

    So Ian Smith was right. Democracy does not WORK in Southern Africa. It is not one man one vote but one intimidated sheep and his vote.

      Sky Thafara Matanga - 2013-08-02 10:20

      Yah neh I knew it

      June Francis - 2013-08-02 12:10

      Do not forget the stupid indocrinated sheep , who can't spell colonialism but use it in every second sentence. The ones living in abject poverty who are used and abused and never will be able to change their lives but on the day of the vote will turn up in droves, with ten babies on their backs and no shoes on their feet.

  • Robert Gushungo - 2013-08-02 09:58

    I think it is too early for Non Liberation Movements to govern in Africa. The endorsement of these Elections by African Organisations, SADC, AU (Organisations formed by Liberation Movements) is a sign that democracy in Africa is compromised and may never exist in our life time. If you look at a Clip just shown on 1st TV in Mt Pleasant Harare, In Full view of Observers, Buses that had brought unknown voters, Tendai Biti questioning the Driver and the Driver saying he has no Authority to speak where he got the people from? (Mt Pleasant is a Surburb like Lynwood in Pretoria, So where do farm Workers come from? Food for thought

  • jimzimbo - 2013-08-02 10:00

    As the saying man one vote......once.

  • Werner Nel - 2013-08-02 10:01

    The main reason explained in a brilliant example of why africa will always be a thurd world destination.

      wreford.white.9 - 2013-08-02 10:35

      Hmm...don't you mean turd world?

      Werner Nel - 2013-08-02 12:04

      Jip but to mispell third the comments does not get deleted....

  • Patrick Hayes - 2013-08-02 10:08

    Tsvangirai should give up politics,thats not for him.Its time for him to find something else to do.Maybe he needs to go into full time comedy, hahahahah LMFAO!!

      Ashanzi Afrika - 2013-08-02 17:08

      Zimbabwe needs a REAL statesman to unseat the regime. I don't see anyone in the wings of the current political parties. I suspect a complete rethink of political strategy is needed to restore power to the People, and reel in the politicians.

  • Pheeha Leboho Mrlbhpc III - 2013-08-02 10:08

    Ijooooh! This is unbelievable, those elections can not be regarded as 'free and fair', am expecting a civil war in zimbabwe this time. (i bet Mugabe want to die inthe office). #MrLBHPC

  • Jeremy Von Pebbles Nurse - 2013-08-02 10:12

    Oh my gosh this is desperate rhetoric. A zpf win will cast a develish shadow on zim and draw more endless condemnation from the rest of world. Mugabe is an evil frog who along with his henchmen should be euthanised. Next week you'll see mdc take it

  • Mbonisi Gushman - 2013-08-02 10:13

    I don't get this country. From no unemployment to 70% unemployment and this weirdo still gets 75% of the vote. WHAT IS GOING ON?

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:50

      Two reasons. Huge fraud at the ballots and his enemies are all in SA, trying to make a living here. This vote in a fine example of how things can go wrong if you allow a dictator to be in charge of the army and the voters roll. They have learned well from South Africa

      June Francis - 2013-08-02 12:18

      I know plenty Zimbos who work and live on SA soil - who sing Zanu PF praises but won't live in their own country due to the conditions there. To you I say go back home and live under Mugabe rule, if he is the great man that you say he is , then surely his greatness will create jobs for you.

  • Henk Venter - 2013-08-02 10:18

    Mugabe weet nie van wen nie, hy is 'n genie op steel!!

  • Timothy Crowley - 2013-08-02 10:20

    Take heed, South Africa is heading for the same fate. The ANC will never relinquish the state coffers to any opposition. Its all about winning and self enrichment and not about delivery!

      June Francis - 2013-08-02 12:22

      so true Tim - For all we know the ANC's 75 % win is in the bag already. Showerhead needs 2/3rds of the vote to change the constitution and to stay out of jail , he would really love to be president for life and if mad bob has done it what stops SA from going down that very same road.

  • Sipho Tshabalala - 2013-08-02 10:21

    agh at 89 i dont see any much more left in MUGABE, I certainly think he diddn't win the Election but won his DEATH, Good tings come to those who are patient so lets await his DEATH

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:51

      Sipho, the final count is not in yet. Lets wait

  • Poloko Pique Mphatsoe - 2013-08-02 10:22

    why not 100% bcz he is a dictator.Z.E.C. Knw what they did to make sure that Mugabe will die in the office.wht we expect now.war.war.war.civil war

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:52

      I hope not. It will be very bad for South Africa if the Zim spring happens now

  • Poloko Pique Mphatsoe - 2013-08-02 10:22

    why not 100% bcz he is a dictator.Z.E.C. Knw what they did to make sure that Mugabe will die in the office.wht we expect now.war.war.war.civil war

  • Hemlock - 2013-08-02 10:23

    Dont you mean STEAL?

  • Mabritishmajaira Majaira - 2013-08-02 10:27

    I have told you a number of times. You do not understand, the Zimbabwean situation. People voted for the British hatched MDC in 2008 simply because their stomachs were hungry due to the sanctions. Things are not like 2008 anymore, this time they used their minds as their stomachs are full. USA and the West should not waste anymore time on Morgan, If they want a share of Zimbabwean's mineral resources! If you get 30 % in an exam, you start to claim that examiners are biased! Failures always do that even at University level!

      Naas Du Plessis - 2013-08-02 10:37

      I do feel sorry for the people but it's a situation that's reality. Tribalism is rife. It's racism. Mugabes tribe I don't doubt is having benefits. The rest well... Mugabe is not an honest man. Doesn't matter what you say but that's a fact. While zim is fighting eu and us Mugabe is selling the country to the Chinese. What's gonna happen are you all gonna say in 100 years time this is our land Chinese. Please leave. You can't keep selling the land and then keep saying oh wait those were my forefathers and we want our land back now.

      Manu Tafirenyika - 2013-08-02 11:29

      @Naas "Mugabe's tribe" is 80% of the population, so what benefits are you talking about ? Stop commenting about things you know nothing about

      Jason van Heerden - 2013-08-02 11:40

      @Manu, the one thing Naas is correct on is that the Chinese do back Zanu-PF and trust me they spend as little as they can on a country they are pulling resources out of.

  • Teboho Mokotjomela - 2013-08-02 10:31

    stupid SADC n AU promoted this mess.Africans r always failures.

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:54

      Not always. What we know so far is that wherever a Zuma is involved, it can not be trusted. We have enough examples here at home.

  • Jason Marriott - 2013-08-02 10:32

    75% that's just giving everyone the big finger. We know you know we rigging this but we just want to make sure you defiantly know.

  • Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:32

  • wreford.white.9 - 2013-08-02 10:34

    Stealing is not winning Bob, but what the heck, you don't give a sh&t.

  • Eric Mdudus Shaku - 2013-08-02 10:35

    That land is cursed.

  • Christopher Buyskes - 2013-08-02 10:36

    If Mugabe comes in with a75% majority vote then will all u Zimbabwens please return to your country and stop taking up jobs which could be filled by our local population and please stop coming across the border to look for work because life must be good in Zimbabwe

  • Sean Potgieter - 2013-08-02 10:36

    Zimbabwe, what a paradox of a country. Autocratic democracy at its worst

  • Tendai Vutatah - 2013-08-02 10:36

    People must open their eyes ,if this guy lost in 2008 what exactly would make him win now , no matter how u do the equation this guy was supposed to lose coz people are fed up of the old system and wants bob out,and who claims victory while people are still voting and even before official results are released, Well thanx to the Israleis who helped in tempering with the voters roll and results, I hate violence but what if its the only way , we cant find anything to live for in Zim maybe its time we find something to die for

      Saamprater - 2013-08-02 10:58

      Tendai, very interesting argument. Where did the Israelis got involved? rather place the blame where it belongs, and that's right at the door of the dictator that have been kept in office after his second term when he was to be booted to the old age home.Come work and live in SA, here we have enough jobs for people who want to work. One day soon we will visit Zim again

      Innocent M Garanowako - 2013-08-02 15:25

      Tendai don't be fooled, this is our country come lets work for ourselves nobody will do anything for us. All those out there don't know what they are missing.

  • Ren - 2013-08-02 10:37

    Look fellow South Africans u can expect a similar future for us in SA under the ANC and effing thieves!! Going the same way! U may have political freedom but economic freedom will not be a reality in your or our children's life time!

  • Tadiwa Teddy - 2013-08-02 10:39

    We just have to painfully and regrettable accept these results. Very little SADC or AU can they say about these election from their perspective. Actually everything on election day went "smoothly" so they are not to blame for their opinion. The MDC went into the elections fully knowing about Nikuv, an Israeli firm hired by Zanu-PF to manufacture the results. The MDC under estimated the effect and rigging tactics that Zanu had in place and went publicly ballistic without strategising how to counteract Zanu's evil tactics. they let themselves be manipulated by a Zanu masterminded "whistle blower" Baba Jukwa and foolishly took his advice. Under the underwhelming leadership of M.R Tsvangirai the strong formidable force of MDC was quashed through disunity and tribalism. MDC are to blame for their loss and a new leadership should be selected to fight Zanu PF otherwise they will always

  • Brad Smith - 2013-08-02 10:40

    It's ok because their oppressors are black.

      Tadiwa Teddy - 2013-08-02 10:43


      Brad Smith - 2013-08-02 11:04

      @Tadiwa. Yes, they are racist.

      Manu Tafirenyika - 2013-08-02 11:31

      When whites were the oppressors you kept your big mouth shut, why ?

  • Ashanzi Afrika - 2013-08-02 10:45

    It is time for all Zimbabweans, black and white, in the diaspora to return home and take their country back from the politicians who have ruined it. The country has the potential to be great once again, but will never be so until the people rule and the politicians serve.

      Innocent M Garanowako - 2013-08-02 15:38

      @Ashanzi Africa. Busy shouting from afar, why not coming to build the country with others you cowards, lazy idiots

  • Moraka Masipa - 2013-08-02 10:45

    Did Mugabe steal the previous elections? A big YES. Did he also steal these elections? A big NO. Tsvingarai must just accept that he was beaten hands down this time. Even if votes from his million supporters who were allegedly turned away from the polling stations were to be counted, I think he will still loose.

  • masta.pilusa - 2013-08-02 10:50

    Why Bob always win...this means Zim people wnt him as their leader.

      Faster Machaya - 2013-08-02 11:01

      No its not it , if we liked him we wouldnt be scatterd like lost sheeps. Pliz hide ID.

      Manu Tafirenyika - 2013-08-02 11:33

      So if Zim people want him as leader is he still a dictator then ? Confused people

      Staner Makangavaya - 2013-08-02 12:48

      yes we like him to much and i was'nt there,but they manage to white wash tsvangira a pigeon.ask me why i'll tell you!

  • leko.dada1 - 2013-08-02 10:55

    Welcome to the real world MDCs you can not afford to live a lie for so long. people have spoken.

  • Sam Mayihlome - 2013-08-02 10:57

    this is a blue lie. winning what? he stole 75% and thats the fact.

      Innocent M Garanowako - 2013-08-02 15:46

      One can only steal 75% of the votes when competing alone. Is that what you are saying?

  • Sgungu Matje - 2013-08-02 10:57

    Mugabe is a strong leader. Weather the elections is flee and fear it don't count. what count is winning. people always do wrong thing and get to live better than those who want to do right. its just how the world has been.

  • Cabbage Promise Goats Dlamini - 2013-08-02 10:59

    Everywhere in the world and in history there have been evil leaders (dictators). Hitler was such an evil leader in Europe. What happened then was that the rest of the free world said no this man must be stopped and he was stopped and the cost was very very high but he was not allowed to carry on. In Africa evil leaders do not get stopped by anyone. Evil wins in Africa and I want to know WHY WHY WHY. WHY does the AU and SADC and the peers of Zimbabwe not stop this evil man?

      Obey Musariri - 2013-08-02 11:37

      Mugabe is not evil. You may demonise him any way you want, but the bottomline is, he is the one Zimbabweans(majority) voted for. MDCs where voted out because of greedy. Their councillors sold housing stands in areas which where children parks, grounds, waterways etc, just to line their pockets. After being elected MPs, they never come back to the people.

      Cabbage Promise Goats Dlamini - 2013-08-02 12:38

      A man that keeps power for life is evil. A man who has his wife buying shopping in Hong Kong when citizens in Zimbabwe starve is evil. A child can understand that such a man is evil.

  • merickm - 2013-08-02 11:00

    It's the Zimbaweians own fault, you make a mistake in 1980 and you pay the rest of your life!

      Tadiwa Teddy - 2013-08-02 11:04

      Get your facts right!!!

  • Hlomani Job Mbava Chauke - 2013-08-02 11:03

    If zimbabweans are realy concerned about change, they should fight for it nomatter what.

  • Luke Bentley - 2013-08-02 11:06

    Wish there were a dam coup now

  • Brenden Faria - 2013-08-02 11:08

    LOl. If I rigged the votes and threatened people I'd probably also get 75% of the votes! Clowns