Mugabe 'thugs' killed MDC supporter - US

2012-05-31 19:58

Harare - The US on Thursday said "thugs" from Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party killed a supporter of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and hurt several others at a weekend rally.

The US embassy in Harare condemned the attack - which came a day after a visit by UN human rights chief Navi Pillay - and described it as "one of the worst eruptions of political violence this year".

"The United States condemns the Zanu-PF thugs responsible for committing these attacks and the members of the Zimbabwe police who failed to fulfil their official duty to serve and protect their fellow Zimbabweans."

The embassy said in a statement that a local party official of the Tsvangirai faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was murdered during a rally in the northeastern town of Mudzi on Saturday.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai have been sharing power in an uneasy unity government since a deal reached in the aftermath of disputed 2008 polls. They are openly at odds however and have both admitted the partnership was not working out.

MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said the party member was stoned to death when a group of Zanu-PF supporters attacked his party members holding a rally at a business centre.

"We are disturbed by this incident," Chamisa told AFP.

"It gives signals of danger as it is not an isolated incident but it's almost becoming a trend. We have raised the issue in government with our colleagues from Zanu-PF. It's unacceptable that we can lose a life on the basis of politics."

Police reportedly did not take action to "stop Zanu-PF supporters from violently attacking lawfully assembled MDC supporters" or "holding a disruptive, unsanctioned parallel rally and from attacking MDC supporters, including the elderly", the US statement said.

A police official in the area told the state-controlled Herald newspaper six people were in custody in connection with the incident, which left a 58-year-old MDC supporter dead.

Pillay last week told Mugabe to take steps to prevent a recurrence of the deadly violence that engulfed the last presidential election four years ago.

  • Luvo - 2012-05-31 20:23

    How on earth any1 can expect us to believe anything the US Embassy sy abt Mugabe? Besides political riots erupts everywhere so what's new. Thugs are the ones that killed Guadafi.

      Honey - 2012-05-31 20:36

      Forget about the source Luvo,(You're obviously anti-US and I'm not doubting that they (the US) are the Thugs of the World)but is 20 000 Matabele slaughtered, not enough proof to you that Mugabe is a Genocidal Maniac? Add to this the un-democratic way he retains power and I think everyone will agree (unless you happen to be one of the Zanu PF Thugs) that Mad Bob should be hauled before the International Courts and sentenced like Charles Taylor. In Mad Bob's case however, 50 years is too good for the murderous Bastard! - 2012-05-31 20:39

      Your comment disappoints me. Gaddafi was killed by his own people, with support from Nato air strikes. America didn't kill him. Secondly; Mugabe is no saint.

      Stewart Croucamp - 2012-05-31 20:39

      Wake up and smell the roses Luvo.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-05-31 21:00

      Us? Who's us? You speak only for yourself. If you carry anti-US prejudices that's your choice. Don't try rope other people into your reality.

      dylan.pretorius.9 - 2012-06-01 05:10

      I agree Luvo, US stay out of Africa. The US should also stop all funding to Africa.

      Netvu - 2012-06-01 07:35

      I feel sorry for you. You seem misinformed, dis-informed and brainwashed...

      theprodigy.brian - 2012-06-01 08:42

      you conveniently forget how the US played a major role in ending Aparthied, your ungrateful attitude amazes me.

      Jimmy - 2012-06-01 08:44

      @Netvu, if I may be honest you are the one who sounds misinformed,dis-informed and brainwashed. You actually sound like you don't know the relationship of Bob and that American embassy in Harare, you have never been to either country(USA and Zim) too I see. Judging from your comments. No one is as dis-informed about the world as the average American.

      Jimmy - 2012-06-01 09:51

      @Alicia, I bet your friends hate it up there in Zimbabwe they have been trying to leave Zimbabwe so badly.

      Martin - 2012-06-01 10:47

      bob is into sodomy.

      Jimmy - 2012-06-01 11:01

      Martin you seem to have loved it.

  • Rudi De Wet - 2012-05-31 20:47

    Here me when I say, the people of Zim have themselves to blame. They CAN overturn this government. This is not our problem. They have no sympathy from me.

      blessing.chasauka - 2012-06-01 06:45

      Take your sympathy and shove it up your ass.i bet yo,d care if it were a white farmer killed.moegoe

      Martin - 2012-06-01 09:43

      Blessing, go speak to the great jacob, he is the one calling the shots, actually no i forget go speak to goodwill down in natal, he is calling the shots, they have the all new shiny sandf, wheel barrows to transport the injured, they have friendly fire anti aircraft guns and they have aids, they can help,

      Thami - 2012-06-01 09:53

      Big up @blessing.chasauka. That is saying it as it is. Who needs your sympathy Mnr De Wet?

  • mfihlo.babanerikhotso - 2012-05-31 22:32

    There is no need for usa to complain about that.thi is Africa not America.we don't control usa what is the use for them to control africa.we are Africans.usa has killed many people and no 1 asked them.let africa deal with own problem

      Irene - 2012-06-01 01:29

      You happy being stuck in the 16th century?

      Kuno - 2012-06-01 08:34

      just make sure you return the millions of US Dollars coming year after year to aid the people in Africa. Glad to take the money but otherwise the world has to stay out of it.

      theprodigy.brian - 2012-06-01 08:55

      remember what you say, you might be begging for their support soon, when the ANC turns SA into a failed state & you are standing next to the dusty roady with you begging bowl, if you don't believe me, look around you mate, the rest of Africa proves this, if you weren't so brainwashed, you would know that just last week reports confirmed the whole of West Africa is in the midst of terrible poverty & hunger, mush like the rest of Africa. Besides I didn't hear you crying when they helped the ANC end Apartheid, where were you then huh????

  • Netvu - 2012-06-01 07:40

    I feel sorry for you. People seem not be able to think for themselves...misinformation, dis-information and brainwashing is common practice. Did you know the Zim Government barred NGO's from distributing free radios in Zim rural areas only to stop them from listening to foreign radio stations?...

      Jimmy - 2012-06-01 08:38

      Those radios were meant to cause the misinformation,dis-information and brainwashing you accuse Zanu of. NGOs distributing Radios? WTF?

  • Henry - 2012-06-01 08:33

    Perhaps its time zimbabwe had full blown sanctions,forget the targeted joke. If that's the only way too get rid of mugarbage,then maybe all zimbabwians should suffer. It was good enough for RSA,let it be good enough for zimbo.

  • bmaestro - 2012-06-01 09:46

    typical mugabe and his "bloodthirsty" agents (sic)

  • Wilbert - 2012-06-02 18:49

    Yes Minister Chamisa, you are “concerned about this incident!” That is all you and your leader, PM Tsvangirai, ever say about all the beatings, rapes and murders. The problem of political violence was the number one issue following the sham 2008 presidential run-off elections. It is now four years down the line and MDC has done nothing, absolutely nothing, the end this scourge! MDC is the party “of excellence” Minister Chamisa never tire to tell the world. Well other than producing the hot air, one is hardly pushed to think what else MDC has done in four years!

  • Jason - 2012-06-09 08:17

    world is round

  • terrencetinosi.bhebhe - 2012-06-14 00:22

    these acts of thuggery are being condemned by the leaders of all political parties in zimbabwe so the perpetrators of this horrible act must be charged with murder. lets see progress from the police.. its sad to lose a life over politics.

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