Mugabe to push for elections

2011-01-23 21:10

Harare - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has vowed to forge ahead with elections [even] if parties in the country's shaky power-sharing government fail to agree on a new constitution, state radio reported on Sunday.

"President Robert Mugabe said the inclusive government was not meant to be a permanent establishment and if there is no consensus or political agreement to come up with a new constitution, he has the constitutional right to dissolve parliament and call for elections," the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation said.

Mugabe made the statement on his arrival from Singapore where he was on holiday. He dismissed as "naked lies", media reports that he had gone to Malaysia to seek treatment.

He said if the parties in the government reach a deadlock on the constitution, he can invoke the old constitution and call for general elections.

Mugabe's Zanu-PF party said elections will be held without fail this year to choose a successor to the power-sharing government formed nearly two years ago to avoid a descent into conflict and mend the economy in the aftermath of disputed elections.

As part of their pact the parties agreed to draft a new constitution, amend media and electoral laws to ensure free and fair elections.

The drive to draft a new constitution was marred by threats and violence over divergent views.

  • John Juggle - 2011-01-24 08:20

    Morgan should never have agreed to an all inclusive goverment. The only thing he managed was to soften the world's stance on idiot Mugabe, there-by giving Mugabe more time and money to ruin Zimbabwe further. That quote, on the constitutional right to dissolve parliament, is a farce. He does not have the right to do anything, in fact, he does not have the right to live.

      moderfontein - 2011-01-24 13:17

      The whole world knows who is Morgan paymaster, and who hand is guideing him to overthrow President Mugabe. The American and British are the hidden hand leading Tratior Morgan and their stooge party the MDC which they created and financed. The people of Zimbabwe must never ever allow the Impearlist front Party the MDC to take power in Zimbabwe to govern on behalf of the white European and Americans. If the MDC gets power , Morgan and his white stooge party first duty will be to indebt the country to the IMF, privatise to French, German , American , British etc Zimbabwe vast mineral wealth, plus hospitals, electric, water , rail , etc to gangaster Impearlist shareholder . Wake up Zimbabwe , never betray the aims of the war of liberation, which was to secure the land from the racist white mainly British settlers and taske control of your own resources for the good of the indegenous Zimbabweans.

  • gareth.acs - 2011-03-04 08:00

    Moderfontein , ARE YOU JOKING? Robert Mugabe has sold out Zimbabwe ages ago to the Chinese,who will without a doubt rape and pillage all mineral assets from the country. If you had an educated opinion you would know that currently there are hundreds of Chinese workers building Chinese infrastructure in the country. This done nothing for local job creation and only makes Robert look good. Zimbabwe under the British rule AKA Rhodesia was a much stronger and more powerful country with vast exports. Maybe you should take a drive out to Zimbabwe and see how the common person is living .

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