Mugabe, wife fingered in corruption

2012-09-19 13:23

Cape Town - President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have been named among 56 Zimbabweans - mostly Zanu-PF bigwigs - implicated in corrupt activities which have fleeced the country of billions of dollars at the expense of the general populace, NewsDay reported on Wednesday.

Quoting a report by the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT), NewsDay said Mugabe and the Zanu-PF elite were also cited for poor leadership.

ACT said all the cases should be reopened, investigated, and all culprits prosecuted.

"I do not understand why the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Attorney-General's Office have been consistently refusing to investigate and prosecute senior government officials, their families, friends and associates implicated in corruption," said ACT regional co-ordinator Munyaradzi Chaumba.

"The impression created is that they are above the law. All these cases should be investigated or else we are going to compel them to do so through the courts of law," he said, adding that people implicated should not be allowed to participate in future elections until they were cleared.

Mugabe was implicated in the Z$7bn Harare airport expansion deal in 1999, the report said, while Grace Mugabe was fingered in the VIP housing project in 1995 when she, alongside top Zanu-PF hawks, allegedly grabbed houses meant for low-earning civil servants in the "pay-for your-house scheme".

Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said he needed to see the report before he could comment on the document.

  • adriaan.pieterse - 2012-09-19 13:35

    I think the word of the hour is "fingered" lmao...

      christopher.shining - 2012-09-19 14:13

      When that git bob dies then will his family feel the wrath of the zim people. Destroy the cest pool that is part of this dictator.

      procold2 - 2012-09-19 14:13

      And this is news, any sane person has worked this out years ago, why does fight every election result.

      Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-09-19 14:14

      In Zimbabwe they are above the law. They are untouchable.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-09-19 14:23

      All dictators and their families are the same, they can't keep their grubby greedy hands out of the till!!! Where else does this rich bitch grace get the money from to live her millionaire life style? IT IS STOLEN FROM THE ZIMBABWEAN PEOPLE !!!

      susan.paul.330 - 2012-09-19 14:38

      We know she was fingered...

  • elgh.elgh - 2012-09-19 13:37

    No, this can't be. Not bob. He is such a good man and leader to his country. I'm stunned.

      p.borchard - 2012-09-19 13:41

      elgh.elgh LOL!!!

      Michael - 2012-09-19 13:51

      yeah like who didnt know that? Next article on News24, A study says Malema has a big mouth

      Peter - 2012-09-19 14:40

      STUNNED!! Bob? Corrupt? NEVER!!!!

      jonso.paroad - 2012-10-06 14:53

      You must be out of your mind not to believe this. It is only modest we are talking of billions of USD not the defunct zimdollar

  • nikondaniel - 2012-09-19 13:42

    Maybe Mdluli fingered her?

      stuartgrantferguson - 2012-09-19 13:53

      Maybe because he claims never to have been fingered himself? Nice one Meneer!

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-09-19 14:08

      Ha ha this is too early for that comment, wait till the children goes to bed.

  • coenraad.vanderwesthuizen.3 - 2012-09-19 13:43

    I wonder who would want to "finger" him?

  • sakhi.TheNextKent.dlala - 2012-09-19 13:44

    i think mdluli fingered her..... Lmao

  • martin.ferguson.7311 - 2012-09-19 13:47

    go finger yourself robert

  • louis.hager.12 - 2012-09-19 13:49

    You can't pay for comedy like this headline.

  • beryl.knipe - 2012-09-19 13:50

    Who's only finding this out NOW?? It's been going on since 1980 and NOW it's reported on? Why isn't he being tried and convicted along with ALL his cronies?

  • arthur.halse - 2012-09-19 13:51

    The finger of fate has struck again.

  • xanavin.vonbuchenroder - 2012-09-19 13:53

    Oh come on News24. We already know this. It aint news. However please do report once he is hanged or shot in front of a firing squad. I have a bottle Johnny Walker Blue Label I need to dust off.

  • impi.masondo - 2012-09-19 13:54

    why are they spreading roomers about president bob? he is a great leader that helped the country to freedom

      thasmeel.singh - 2012-09-19 13:56

      why dont u just go sleep because you obviously have no idea whats going on in the real world

      Havokreeka - 2012-09-19 14:04

      I hope that was sarcasm impi...

      Cole - 2012-09-19 14:22

      You obviously are part of the Grande Thieving lot !!!! Bloody idiot !

      milton.nkomo.779 - 2012-09-20 10:52

      Impi stop talking things that you don't know. Next time use your brain not you ass for thinking.

      jonso.paroad - 2012-10-06 14:56

      What freedom? Do you know what is real freedom? Are you free to do, say see whtever you want? Think again. there is a great difference between freedom and independence

  • lynette.mufaro - 2012-09-19 13:59

    Nooo!,I can understand Grace coz she would 'appreciate' that kind of thing but Bob???They fingered him too?

  • coenraad.vanderwesthuizen.3 - 2012-09-19 14:02

    caught with his "fingers" in the cookie jar...

  • coenraad.vanderwesthuizen.3 - 2012-09-19 14:02

    How many "fingers" do you see, Bob?

  • Jacques - 2012-09-19 14:03

    Maybe Mugabe fingered her while they were being corrupt, who knows? When not even the blue pills can get it up...

      coenraad.vanderwesthuizen.3 - 2012-09-19 14:08

      I doubt anything less than cement can get that old b@st@rd "up".

      Jacques - 2012-09-19 14:15

      What an image... 'Hard erh heart of stone...'

  • zelda.dickson - 2012-09-19 14:04

    Are we surprised.

  • maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-09-19 14:05

    Forgone conclusion, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to fathom that one out

  • brian.wood.1840 - 2012-09-19 14:08

    Why are you all so surprised, its happened in every single post colonial african counrty. Its happening before your very eyes in South Africa. This is why Africa will remain a basket case forever.........

  • lerato.kay.3 - 2012-09-19 14:12

    Nothing new, I’m also told that various men have fingered her too – lol

  • sisie.indola - 2012-09-19 14:14

    So why is this news now? We have known about this since Mugabe came into power along with his cohorts and wife.

  • gregory.f.dean - 2012-09-19 14:15

    Why am I not surprised. Mugabe and his immediate cohorts have been enriching themselves with land and money for years. Are the chickens coming home to roost? Unfortunately he considers he is above the law. There will be an accounting one day.

  • Cole - 2012-09-19 14:16

    As the Zimbabwe people starve , 95% unemployed ! Mugabe and his henchmen rape every penny out of Zimbabwe without a single bit of remorse !!!

  • lionel.defrontignac - 2012-09-19 14:16

    He must be used to being fingered; isn't it alleged he has Prostate Cancer?

  • thechrisberryshow - 2012-09-19 14:18

    fingered...haha! - good thing the "hands of Britain" weren't involved

  • don.quioxte.3 - 2012-09-19 14:22

    And we need a report and Newsday to tell us this. Where is this money and why have these accounts not been frozen. Gutless blah blah blah is all.

  • mark.haupt.31 - 2012-09-19 14:25

    Nah, go on. The foremost African - the destroyer of the British, the hero of Africans everywhere and the shortest dictator in the world - corrupt, how is that be possible? Sounds like an imperialist, war-mongering, western plot to me, what you think Bob?

  • paul.mostert.5 - 2012-09-19 14:31

    what is it with all this fingering, first Mduli, now mugabe's wife - must be something in the water?

  • paul.kershaw.18 - 2012-09-19 14:37

    Dear Journo: "Great headline" - I think not!

  • crystal.core.5 - 2012-09-19 14:45

    Otherwise known as dis-Grace.

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-09-19 14:48

    Another Finger job. First Mduli, now Grace.

  • christopher.m.lowe - 2012-09-19 15:23

    No? Ya think? Surely not. Not Bob ....

  • bmaestro - 2012-09-19 15:33

    Mugabe, wife fingered inn. LOL

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-09-19 16:16

    Mad Bob and dis-Grace their souls are never going to rest, they are going to wonder around in a very dark place with snakes and evil lurking all around them. Thats is going to be their reward for making people suffer in their own country both black and white people. The devil will seek them out and taunt them they will be so afraid the two of them they will try to cower in a corner but the devil will seek them out daily and taunt them. They will beg for mercy, but the devil will laugh at them. They will never experience peace that will be their punishment a small price to pay for what they have done.

  • cathy.vanvollenstee - 2012-09-19 18:37

    Well duh!

  • eric.f.moloi - 2012-09-20 12:25

    Those corruption charges against de first lady will never see a day in court

  • Spiral - 2012-09-27 13:40

    "while Grace Mugabe was fingered in the VIP housing project in 1995 when she..." Grammar, the difference between knowing your sh** & knowing you're sh**

  • bmaestro - 2012-09-27 14:29

    Zimbabwe Mugabe, wife fingered

  • joe.smit.549 - 2012-10-03 17:33

    Surprising, gosh. I thought they were so clean.......

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