Politicians 'a threat to Zim animal haven'

2012-08-25 09:07

Harare - A consortium of wildlife ranchers says a new wave of land takeovers and hunting licences granted to loyalists of President Robert Mugabe is threatening a massive wildlife preserve in southeastern Zimbabwe.

The Save Valley Conservancy group said on Friday the takeovers, labelled as black empowerment, benefitted "a few greedy individuals who care only for what they can take for themselves" and have no interest in protecting an array of endangered wildlife - including the rhinoceros.

The conservancy of about 2 600 square kilometres is unsuitable for anything but wildlife tourism, the group said.

It said two thirds of its small-scale operators are already black Zimbabweans, but concessions given to 25 "connected political individuals", including a local governor and a Mugabe Cabinet minister, are set to destabilise the region's ecosystem.

  • danny.levin.351 - 2012-08-25 09:33

    They will not stop until the country has been stripped bare and there's nothing left.

      warren.moore.7545 - 2012-08-25 20:27

      Viva La Malema !!!

  • max.reynecke - 2012-08-25 09:46

    This kind of behaviour is exactly what we expect from old African leaders whose minds and actions are still stuck in their backwards African culture of entitlement and corruption. I can't wait for the current young professionals to take over from this bunch of useless individuals that are just a bunch of oxygen thieves that are drumming the white oppression drum....excluding off cause Malema that wants to follow in their footsteps.

  • dnxumalo2 - 2012-08-25 10:03

    Good opinions coming from the former baas and mesies generation of South Afrca who are too spoiled by the free hand outs that enriched their lazy farms taken from Africans, free cash from their corrupt former govenment and all the stealing of live stock from African people.But still lack the simple ability to think straight.Go to the Amazon(USA) forests and look at what timber and chocolate companies have done to the so called animal haven.count how many people have died trying to protect the forest.This is ok because no mugabe was involved and it is done by only many dams are contaminated with acid mine right here in south africa in the name of economic boom and how many trees have been damaged in the name of develpment? hypocrites!!!!!

      dave.nutter.75 - 2012-08-25 10:27

      Why don't you go to Zim and see what your brother has done to this country, idiot. This has nothing to do with spoilt whites and the rest of the crap you write. If it was not for the whites, you would still not have a wheel

      rontheogre - 2012-08-25 10:51

      "Spoiled by free handouts":Very few before 1994 got any of this but had to work bloody hard for what they got,and still do,a work ethic totally foreign to some in SA(I want, I want, I want) "Farms taken from Africans":Oh sure,the Dutch,French and English arrived here and chased Africans off farms with cleared land,houses and out buildings,fences,irrigation,established markets, etc from the Africans.You also probably believe that the stories told by elders in local tribes of moving to Southern Africa from East and Central Africa to be propaganda placed in the minds of the old people. "Free cash":Never in the history of the white man in SA was free cash handed to anybody until the ANC came into government.NOW 15 million have this privilege and this number is growing while the contributors to this fund is shrinking and growing gatvol.This does not even cover the stealing ANC cadres and cronies. "Stealing of live stock":OMG and ha ha effing ha. If the white man stole the local live stock that was immune to local diseases do you really think that the farmers would have been pushed to bankruptcy on more than one occasion due to African plagues? "Lack the ability to think straight":Who keeps on voting for a corrupt ANC that does not deliver on more than 10% of its promises.Who are benefited by BEE,AA,employment legislation,severely relaxed(close to the point of imploding)education standards, government funding, etc, and still hold out the begging bowls? Who has the lazy habits now?

      willie.uys - 2012-08-25 11:18

      Those so called white farmers actually worked extremely hard to make a living from the land - sure they had help from labour who can actually tell you how happy they were under these circumstances. Now we are losing producing farms to people who kill all the wild animals; chop off the trees for firewood and take the land back to where it was befor the "white settlers" came. Ver soon Zimbabwe will need more food support because it cannot produce enough food for its people - this country was once the food-basket of Southern Africa!!

      bryan.culross - 2012-08-25 11:46

      There were no farms as such when white colonialists arrive here as far as I am aware. As far as dams being contaminated, etc in outh Africa the blame lies with the authorities and ultimately therefore with the ANC government .... who are to busy looting to worry about governing the country and industry is managed in an apropriate eco-friendly manner.

      stuart.steedman - 2012-08-25 13:44

      dnxumalo - you display your stupidity again. I will not tell my daughters who to marry. That is their choice. They are not cattle, a concept which may be surprising to your caveman-like thought processes. Women are not property, nor should they be traded (lobola), nor should they be told who to wed. Get back to the 15th century where you clearly belong

  • hendrikvs - 2012-08-25 10:22

    Same in all African countries. They are only happy if they can destroy all they touch!

  • barend.steyn.9 - 2012-08-25 10:23

    Mugabe is a threat to Zimbabwe, so whats the difference.

  • dnxumalo2 - 2012-08-25 11:32

    willie youre right somewhere about labourers and I glad you aknowledge their importance in keeping you rich.but none of you wants to talk about the Amazon issue and fire wood? you should be saying that the companies who make paper and board including timber and charcoal burners are more responsible for the damage than people who pick fire can use wet trees for firewood dont fool me because I have picked wood and I never used to chop down trees.we only used to collect dead wood.

  • maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-08-29 08:18

    An empty drum makes the most noise, and thats mugabe. Those poor Zimbabweans. Julius malema should go to zimbabwe and get free lessons on how to ruin a country in a few years, how to starve people to death because there are no farmers. Elections coming up in Zimbabwe land grabs for da peeeple, elections coming up in S.A. the sh@t is starting to hit the fan. I pray mugabe frekks very soon

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