US sanctions Zimbabwe diamond mines

2011-12-13 21:19

Washington - The US on Monday sanctioned two diamond mines located in Zimbabwe's Marange region, the scene of serious human rights abuses in 2008.

A mine belonging to state-owned Marange Resources and another owned by publicly held Mbada Diamonds were added to a US Treasury Department list targeting entities linked to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's regime.

Under the sanctions, the US assets of targeted entities are blocked and US nationals or companies are generally prohibited from doing business with them.

The Marange mines are considered among the richest discovered in Africa in decades. They were taken over in 2008 by the Zimbabwean army which expelled thousands of miners and forced civilians to replace them.

According to human rights groups, about 200 people were killed and others beaten or raped, prompting the Kimberley Process, the world body charged with eliminating "blood diamonds", to suspend diamond exports from those mines.

But in a controversial decision, the Kimberley Process authorised sales of diamonds from the two mines again on November 1. The US abstained in the vote, saying it wanted to help world body resolve the impasse after months of negotiations.

  • Peter - 2011-12-14 02:32

    In fact its the opposite. 70% of Zimbabwean diamonds will end up in the American market just like previously sanctioned Angola, DRC and other countries, most diamonds end up in the USA and the Washington administration was trading the stones behind the sanctions walls. In yr 2000 the American government announced sanctions against Mugabe, his gang and families.What happened??....the number of kids and grand kids of Zunu members going to America for higher education then doubled....Why cant America just shut the f**k up instead of pretending to support oppressed countries when they don't mean it.

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