Zim farmer conciliatory on land grab

2012-05-04 10:04

Johannesburg - A Zimbabwean farmer who was told 10 days ago his farm had been confiscated, now says it looks as though the issue could swing in his favour, Beeld newspaper reported on Friday.

Henry Jackson's widely publicised, conciliatory stance to the occupation of his farm, situated near Gweru, elicited strong reactions from South Africans and Zimbabweans.

Amongst other things, Jackson, 57, told the prospective new owner of the farm he would bless him and provide him with logistical help.

Jackson said on Thursday it seemed as though high-ranking Zanu-PF officials were, however, taking issue with the land commissioner who was trying to expropriate his farm.

The Zanu-PF officials were sending him messages saying he should stay on the property, Jackson said.

"It's as if I'm standing to one side, and they're fighting against one another."

Jackson, also a pastor of the United Apostolic Faith Church, cited the biblical story of Gideon, who had stepped aside to allow his enemies to fight against each other, to explain his behaviour. Jackson said he was content to leave the issue in God's hands.

  • leorene.minnaar - 2012-05-04 10:54

    God bless this man for making a biblical stand on the issue. I pray that his faith holds strong

  • Smell - 2012-05-04 16:40

    I would not count on any favorable outcome when a country's constitution cannot protect a landowner, just because of the lack of pigmentation in his/her skin. Imagine the outcry in Europe if citizens were dispossessed just because they happened to be of a darker hue.

      teboh.rapheal - 2012-08-01 14:20

      one thing which is very realy shocking to many africans is that aryans remove the bible when we want them to quite our land.did this same bible existe when they where killing millions of people to settle on the land?if aryans stayed in thier craddle without ever moving out to kill people for what is not one will be talking about pigmentation on furums today.but because they developed an idiology to defend thier crimes based on pigmentation.the same idiology must be used against them to reverse the body can pay for this crimes except the decerndants of thoes who took the land from the natives with force.we must not forget the bible was used by british satanist to invade and luth the NDEBELE KIGNDOM UNDER LUBENGUELA in the 18th century.they simply send a catholic priest to survey the oder bring back information for future invation .using the pretext to preach GODS a discaussion between KING LUBENGUELA and one of this mercantilist messionaries.the king ask the missionary ;why do you want us to live our GOD to worship your own GOD?we have our own GOD called NKULU NKULU.he was very suspicious and six mounths after the missionaries visit.the kingdom was invaded and luthed of goal;etc by british mercantilist .centuries lather thier decerndants remove the same bible to manipulate us with.some will say we are living in a distant it happens with many aryans suffering from crunic amnesia.but the future can only be build on the past.

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