Zimbabwe crisis 'way beyond elections'

2011-03-28 19:04

Pretoria - The crisis in Zimbabwe goes beyond the disputed elections and is more about the division of opinions among Zimbabweans themselves, the Zimbabwe Institute said on Monday.

"Elections in Zimbabwe will not resolve the crisis," said James Muzondidya, research manager for the Zimbabwe Institute, which is a political advocacy organisation.

"The issue about Zimbabwe is much more beyond elections," he said.

"[The Southern African Development Community's (SADC)] strategy focuses on credible elections is therefore very limited.

"This is more of a political and governance problem," said Muzondidya.

He also criticised the "winner takes all" electoral system, saying it pushed an incumbent political party to hold on to power for dear life.

He was speaking in Pretoria during a University of South Africa discussion themed "SADC mediation and the future of democratic transition in Zimbabwe".

While Zimbabwe's inclusive government had begun to reconfigure the country's political landscape, more challenges lay ahead, he said.

  • Poloyatonki - 2011-03-28 19:13

    The Zimbabwe Institute is an MDC initiative, they wont fool me.

      Chibuli - 2011-03-28 19:30

      And you're an expert, right?

      SimonP - 2011-03-28 20:05

      Poloyatonki, the co-chaiprson of the ZI is Paul Manwana, Zanu-PF miister, loks like youve fooled yourself........AGAIN!

      k1dbl4ck - 2011-03-28 22:05

      democracy is broken. why do i need to throw a piece of paper into a box every few years when the Internet can allow for EVERY SINGLE DECISION that affects me and my community and my country to be voted on by whoever is logged in at the moment. I call it Open Source Government... and the parliament is the people. once voted on, that same thing called the Internet can be used to organize the resources required to complete what is needed. Then.. instead of spending R400 Billion / year on maintaining government, we can get a few server racks at IS for R10k a pop and some change.

      theoldmanofthemountains - 2011-03-28 22:08

      Polo, how many times have I told you? Bedtime for kids is 6pm. Now get to bed and stop playing on your dad's computer!

  • Slapper - 2011-03-28 19:17

    Problem is, if MDC does not get out of the GNU, the vote would change nothing it would still be a GNU with Morgan and Co as the junior whipping boys

  • Monica - 2011-03-28 19:18

    Liar liar liar; your pants are on fire!!!

  • Schalk - 2011-03-28 19:27

    Zimbabweans deserve to be recued from the Despot Dictator and his Zanu-PF bunch of criminals. Shame on all of the self serving bastards and the people still doing business with them. They have mannaged to turn a prospering country into hell for the innocent citizens. Well done Bob!!

  • - 2011-03-28 19:32

    The issue in Zimbabwe is that a minority (led by the JOC) are at the feeding trough and have all the fire power and all the diamond money to keep them in power. They care nothing for the population at large and are prepared to do anything to keep themselves in power. MDC has vowed to use only peaceful means and therefore stands no chance of fair play in an election. SA and SADC are dishonest brokers for various reasons and play their cards into ZanuPF's hands. Violence is already endemic in the country - perpetrated by ZanuPF - and there is no chance of a free and fair election. SA and SADC should hang their heads in shame. Short sighted politics which will eventually back fire on them, but in the mean time it is the average Mr Citizen who must suffer.

  • SimonP - 2011-03-28 19:59

    po;oyatonki, tell me why you support Mugabe and are against te leaders of Swaziland. BTW you are one of the most easily fooled people around, you would not still be suppotng a corrupt useless governmet if you were no easily fooled.

  • KarinWalker - 2011-03-28 21:16

    Zimbabwe's problems can't even be solved by god now! let alone yet more rigged, blood-soaked elections where non ZanuPF supporters get beaten to death/raped/have their villages burn't down..Mugabe is gonna cling to poer till the day he dies because he ( and his criminal ministers) know that they might be headed for the International Criminal Court if they give up power. its not just Mugabe that is the problem..its the whole criminal elite. Mugabe destroyed the Zim currency and the whole of he pretends to be involved in a GNU and pretends to abide by the Global Political Agreement.( he shows it the middle finger every day!) he just wants to have another set of elections FAST! he doesn't give a sh&t about the Zimbabweans living on S.A's streets or dying in Zim. he is evil personified!

  • Hopeforall - 2011-03-28 22:16

    Congratulations, comrade Muzondidya, for your brave assessment of the wholesome truths surrounding the situation in Zimbabwe ! It is indeed all about the division of opinions of Zimbabweans themselves, and that is why the beloved ANC mother-party three times came to your heroic rescue and entrenched the democratic process, by ensuring that victorious Bob the Lion-heart was not robbed of his rightful position of president, in the face of the filthy lies of the shameless western media, and 'rigged' elections by the treasonous MDC. This is unquestionable proof that the sage words of our own father, the enlightened Jacob Zuma, that destructive opposition parties, who trouble-make and thwart the legal and justice systems, are unnecessary, and that good governance can only be realised under the safety of a one-party state. This would immediately eliminate the need for elections, and the SADC would not need to be bothered by all of this power sharing nonsense ! Well spotted for identifying that it is a 'political and governance' problem - clearly the people incorrectly think that their political will is being ignored, whilst quite understandably the cadres of ZANU PF know they have a right to rule, and to protect your hard fought democracy. All of this confusion disappears, when the will of the ANC/ZANU PF coalition is implemented ! Just a point of order, comrade - you say that "Elections in Zimbabwe will not resolve the CRISIS" - Crisis ? What crisis ?

      baddaddy - 2011-03-28 22:50

      @Hopeforall, MORON

      SimonP - 2011-03-28 23:42

      @hopeforall, its a bit early for April Fools jokes. This is a joke right?

      KarinWalker - 2011-03-29 20:50

      haha..good one..i bet that there will be some who dont recognise this as

  • masikati - 2011-03-29 10:57

    Poloyatonki. You must learn to play the ball and not the man. who cares if the Zimbabwe Institute is an MDC or ZANU PF initiative, the important point is to engage the argument and not simply dismiss it because of where it is coming from.

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