Zimbabwe editor charged with subversion

2014-06-22 07:36

Harare - The editor of a Zimbabwean state-owned newspaper appeared in court Saturday on charges of subversion and undermining the authority of President Robert Mugabe.

Edmund Kudzayi, editor of the Sunday Mail, was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody until a bail hearing on Monday.

The charges against Kudzayi include calling Mugabe a tyrant and dictator, and alleging that he stole an election. These remarks were allegedly made in publications he wrote for before joining state media.

Kudzayi is also facing charges of creating a fictitious Facebook account in the name of Baba Jukwa, who has a cult following for his claims to expose Mugabe government secrets.

The Facebook account was a hit during elections last year.

Baba Jukwa accused Mugabe of rigging the vote and published cellphone numbers of prominent figures in government, asking people to call them and tell them "we know what is going on".

Kudzayi is also facing another charge of keeping ammunition in an unsafe place.

Kudzayi was appointed editor of the Sunday Mail two months ago, but has incurred the wrath of the long-ruling Mugabe.

Earlier this month, Mugabe accused his information minister, Jonathan Moyo, of using his influence over the state media to attack rivals within the ruling Zanu-PF party, which is riven by divisions over who should succeed the ageing president.

Moyo has fallen in and out of favour with Mugabe since first becoming information minister in 2002.

He was sacked in 2005 after being linked to a clandestine meeting held to discuss Mugabe's succession.

Since his recent re-appointment, Moyo has overseen the hiring of new editors at state newspapers and suspended the head of the state broadcaster.

  • Terrylin Backpackers - 2014-06-22 08:20

    Mugabe, you are a tyrant and a dictator. And, you have stolen many elections. We can believe everything we read about you in the newspapers.

  • Landile Mamve - 2014-06-22 08:25

    Is there any child support grant in Zimbabwe?

  • Koos Luerre - 2014-06-22 08:26

    This shouldn't be news. Despots aren't known to be open to criticism. Less so if the despot happened to be a mass murderer, election thief, dollar billionaire with stolen money, champion human rights abuser and economy destroyer of note. No, his voting sheeple must not be reminded of these things...

  • Chris May - 2014-06-22 08:50

    Can authentic authority be subverted?

  • Biggie Chitoro - 2014-06-22 09:04

    Jonathan Moyo has written worse things about Mugabe yet he is minister of propaganda.... SMH

  • Vezi Talyn - 2014-06-22 09:50

    Revolt against tht chimp

  • Vezi Talyn - 2014-06-22 09:53

    Amass murder of matabele pple. An evil dictator, but shonas love this chimpanzee

      Tavonga T Mudhugu - 2014-06-22 11:51

      Why are u so tribal,u think u can take him out of office then go and try.

      Tavonga T Mudhugu - 2014-06-22 11:54

      Chimpanzee ndiwe nguruve

  • Chol Mabeo - 2014-06-22 10:12

    It is so surprising how many EVIL people do not want to be called evil. In their little messed up minds their actions/behaviour are/is absolutely normal and acceptable.

  • Forgie Madhura - 2014-06-22 11:19


      Willa Prinsloo - 2014-06-22 11:35

      I agree

  • Alistair Campbell - 2014-06-22 12:40

    Vezi you swine

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