Zimbabwe to hold census despite violence

2012-08-11 10:00

Harare - Zimbabwe will move ahead with a planned census, ministers said on Friday, despite violent disruptions at training centres this week.

Acting Finance Minister Gorden Moyo said there would be "peace and tranquility in our training centres".

He also pledged that the census, which is set to begin on 17 August, would be held according to United Nations guidelines.

Armed members of the security forces had earlier overran institutions where teachers - traditionally the ones who carry out the door-to-door information collecting - were receiving training.

Many of the soldiers demanded jobs.

The short-term work for the government pays relatively well in the southern African nation, which is slowly trying to recover from a long economic decline.

The population count is being held shortly before an expected referendum on a new national constitution. Next year should then see general elections, which will end the term of the shaky coalition government that has been in place since 2009.

There is concern that soldiers loyal to long-serving President Robert Mugabe could assist with gerrymandering districts in favour of his Zanu-PF party if too many were allowed to be census collectors.

Previous elections have seen widespread attacks by security forces against members of the Movement for Democratic Change party, the junior partner in the coalition government.

  • SkyeBenga - 2012-08-11 10:44

    Gerrymandering? More like Jongwefying. It's when Mugabe's inyoka comes into play.

      teboh.rapheal - 2012-08-11 12:49

      i just can not understand why some africans do not want to onderstand the UN is an aryan instrument of domination.if the is need for a cencus to be carried out in zimbabwe.then the guidelines must be authentically african.we must act like egents of our own existence.assert and affirm our centrality by seeing egency in africa.not acting like objects of aryan occupation repeating what they set as guidelines through satanic organizations like the UN.

  • grootrot.vanzyl - 2012-08-11 11:33

    Can we please get the leader of all African leaders Thabo Mbeki's opinion on this?

  • Hermann - 2012-08-11 11:49

    Don't hold your breath as the census as well as the referendum will go the ZANU-PF way as well as the counting of the referendum votes will be done according the ZANU-PF arithmetic handbook.

  • comrade.shefu - 2012-08-11 12:30

    Thousands are not employed but soldiers as greedy as their commander in chief already wants to do the census.God forbid.

  • comrade.shefu - 2012-08-11 12:31

    Thousands are not employed but soldiers as greedy as their commander in chief already wants to do the census.God forbid.

  • don.mug.3 - 2012-08-11 22:50


  • quartus.vanzyl - 2012-08-12 09:43

    maybe it should read "because of the violence"?

  • quartus.vanzyl - 2012-08-12 09:48

    It is no use looking for your missing people over there. They are all here in the RS of A.All 5 million of them. They rob, steal, kill and rape here.

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