Zim's white farmers still targeted - CFU

2011-09-05 20:24

Harare - A Zimbabwean farmers' organisation says its white members continue to be the target of violence as political tensions rise ahead of proposed elections.

Charles Taffs, head of the Commercial Farmers' Union (CFU) representing Zimbabwe's 300 remaining white farmers, said on Monday the brutal beating to death of a prominent farmer 90km northwest of Harare on Friday showed that "criminals can act with impunity" against whites still on their land.

Taffs said the ferocity of Friday's killing made it more than a "simple robbery" as police claimed.

It was the latest in a growing series of attacks and threats at white farms.

President Robert Mugabe has called for elections next March to end the nation's troubled coalition.

  • PinkAndProud - 2011-09-06 01:48

    I've got an idea! Why don't the ZimBOBwe 'farmers' send some food up to their Somalia bruddahs that are starving?

  • teboh.rapheal - 2012-08-01 14:36

    300 aryan famers in ZIMBABWE ?this is inacceptable.even 30 is too much in a territory which is not thiers.they just simply have to move back to where thier ancestors came from.we have been extreamly tolerant with this people and this is why they have the odacity to even take the gorverment to court.but they did not take oder from the court .before killing thoes who own the same land they are has the impression centuries of domination has left many aryans morally death. to the point even rationality is impossible with can a pure aryan claim land more than 2000 kilometers from thier craddle is someting impossible to explain?they have developed another sophisticated technic to hold us in slavery.economic thier polluted minds economic developement mean african people working for them.while they continue accumilating capital which they would use to threathen the goverment.another propaganda is democracy blablabla but where was democracy when they where taking the same land from others?any people who pity them will pay with thier own existence.punish them and be thier enemy forever .but take what is yours.if you forget yourself GADHAFI;s FAITH AWAIT YOU.

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