AS IT HAPPENED: 'We can now restore our status as the bread basket of Africa,' says Mugabe

2017-07-21 15:00

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is in Matabeleland north where he is expected to address over 100 000 Zanu-PF party supporters, as he resumes his nationwide rallies following his Singapore medical trip. Follow the live updates.

Robert Mugabe

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21 Jul 15:21
Mugabe ends address by saying: "Peace begins with me, peace begins with you and peace begins with all of us."

21 Jul 15:18
Mugabe: "They want tarnish the name of Zanu-PF. Find these people and beaten them up. We can't allow them to tarnish our name."

21 Jul 15:17
Mugabe says there are people committing crime saying they are from Zanu-PF. "Punish them, kick them beat them then call police later," he says. 

21 Jul 15:16
Mugabe: "There is nothing in MDC. There is hunger, poverty of leadership and programmes."

21 Jul 15:16

Mugabe the country is finally going towards election date. He urges the party to register youths, particularly those turning 18. He challenges the youth league to mobilise students at universities and colleges. "Approach them, he says. 

"There are two groups one pro-Zanu-pf and others following the MDC. But opposition has no programmes. What you get from them is regime change, to remove Mugabe. Mugabe is the obstruction for them. If you remove Mugabe zero. There are a zero party. I don't want to say there shouldn't be an opposition but people should look at what programmes there are offering for the nation."

21 Jul 15:07
Mugabe says due to his education policies since independence, Zimbabwe remains one of the few countries in Africa with the highest literacy rate

21 Jul 15:06
Mugabe says some diasporans come back to Zimbabwe penniless and then demand land. "But they have been away for song long. We should be wary of these people," he says.

21 Jul 15:02
Mugabe pleads with Zimbabweans in the diaspora to come back home and utilise their skills back home

21 Jul 15:01
Mugabe: We would want black to be employers so mining engineers can team up and form their own companies

21 Jul 14:56
Mugabe: Every province has minerals, gold is in every province and we hope our mines ministry is working hard so that we can explore the minerals underneath the ground and our youth can be employed

21 Jul 14:54
Mugabe: We can now produce food for other nations and we can now restore our status as the bread basket of Africa as the the soils are wet and we can have enough evaporation to get enough rains next season

21 Jul 14:50
Mugabe: "We are not going to import maize anymore for the next year or so."

21 Jul 14:49
Mugabe: "We are happy that command Agriculture has produced massive tons of maize."

21 Jul 14:49
Mugabe lauds Command Agriculture. He says it's a sign of unity in Zanu-Pf

21 Jul 14:46
Mugabe: Zanu-PF is in government and is very clear in principles and very clear in how to achieve those principles

21 Jul 14:46
Mugabe: "The youth have no factions, they have no desire at the moment to be successors when the president is still alive, the youths are saying No, the women are saying No, the majority is saying No, who then is saying Yes?" 

21 Jul 14:44
Mugabe says he has remained principle after the death of other revolutionaries that liberated Zimbabwe from colonial Britain

21 Jul 14:43
Mugabe: I miss Muzenda, Joshua Nkomo, John Nkomo and Chitepo. We were united

21 Jul 14:42
Mugabe: "What would I be without followers? What would I say when the followers do not have faith in me?"

21 Jul 14:41
Mugabe to the youths: "You are the leaders of tomorrow and I want to thank you for recognising that and even as you are young, we want to thank you for teaching us to be united because you have managed to raise crowds of unity. This is a phenomenon that the elders must grasp."

21 Jul 14:36

Mugabe: "The country must remain ourselves together. We must defend our country. Province by province we must remain united.

"One fundamental principle is that we are Zimbabweans.

Tell them we are Zimbabwean not individuals."

21 Jul 14:34
Mugabe: What are our youths doing? They are doing what Joshua Nkomo said - remain united and defend our land

21 Jul 14:34
Mugabe: "The enemy be careful, he might once again rob us of the control of our land"

21 Jul 14:33
Mugabe: If we are to prosper as a nation, unity and more unity is required

21 Jul 14:33
Mugabe: We fought together to bring Zimbabwe. We should continue to defend Zimbabwe together. So the enemy has to be careful but we should be careful of the enemy

21 Jul 14:32
Mugabe: So we must defend those objectives we have as Zimbabwe

21 Jul 14:32
Mugabe: We are owners and not slaves or employees or servants of white men but owners of Zimbabwe . It must be land in total, land to produce our wealth food and build our homes

21 Jul 14:31
Mugabe: Loosing our land is loosing our wealth. Wealth comes from our land

21 Jul 14:31
Mugabe  speaks of the late vice president Joshua Nkomo. He says that he told him two things, 1. that people must remain united and 2. that don't let land go to foreigners. "Those two things were crucial and remain so. We must remain united because this is Zimbabwe it is our land."

21 Jul 14:30
Mugabe says Zanu-PF is united. 'I can't be president if we are not united,' he says. 

21 Jul 14:28
"No more the land of foreigners as it was. So we must defend and rule ourselves", says Mugabe

21 Jul 14:27
At one time we lost our land, losing our land means losing our wealth. We must not be slaves in our country, we must not be slaves or employees of the whites, says Mugabe

21 Jul 14:26
"The people must remain united in honour of Umdhala Wethu Joshua Nkomo and don't let our land go to the wrong people," says Mugabe

21 Jul 14:24
Mugabe: "My heart is overwhelmed by your confidence in me," says Mugabe "and I am also overwhelmed by that support, that belief, in other words your president, in other words I jump about with my legs and if I can't do it with my legs I will do it wit my heart"

21 Jul 14:20
The success of the youth interfaces that we are holding are amazing, say Mugabe

21 Jul 14:20

Mugabe thanks the youths for the massive support. 

He thanks them for for convening in Harare during the one million men march in solidarity with him

21 Jul 14:16
Mugabe: "We have just opened an information centre here and we want to open such centers in all communities of our country." 

21 Jul 14:11
 Salutations follow 

21 Jul 14:11
Mugabe sloganeering, as he greets supporters

21 Jul 14:11
Mugabe takes to the podium 

21 Jul 14:07
Popular song "Mudhara Achauya" is being played as Mugabe takes to the podium

21 Jul 14:06
Grace concludes her address

21 Jul 14:06

Grace Mugabe denounces a video featuring some youths advocating for violence against people who do not support her.

She calls for peace in the country and urges police to arrest perpetrators of violence

21 Jul 14:05
Grace: "We want to fulfill the electoral promises that we made ahead of the previous elections."

21 Jul 14:04
Grace: "MDC wants to take Binga as their playground and from now on we are not going to allow them here in Matabeleland North as we approach the elections."

21 Jul 14:04
Grace: We are going to establish factories to process what we are going to produce. That's what we agreed with our private partners in the joint venture agreement

21 Jul 14:03
Grace says Zanu-PF will sweep clean in Matabeleland North come 2018 elections

21 Jul 14:03
Murmurs again from the crown, as people say the First lady is talking of Binga yet Lupane needs development

21 Jul 14:02

Grace says the Binga project will produce maize seed.

The project is meant to transform the lives of people of Binga, adding it's a big project to cover more than 16 000 hectares

21 Jul 14:01
There are murmurs from the crowd with some complaining that the speeches are only in Shona and not translated

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