AS IT HAPPENED: There will be fireworks #Zimbabwe war veterans warn Mugabe

2017-11-17 07:12

Talks are set to continue after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe refused to resign during a crunch meeting with military generals who have seized control of the country. Follow the live updates.

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Robert Mugabe

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17 Nov 14:59
The chairperson of the Zimbabwean liberation movement Christopher Mutsvangwa at a media briefing held in Harare on Friday, during the briefing he addressed many issues including that the decision the army made was the important one photo. (Netwerk24)

17 Nov 14:57

17 Nov 14:45

17 Nov 14:44

17 Nov 14:38
The man was sleeping 90% of time in cabinet and then he would say the decisions will come in the afternoon. Where do they come from? They come from his wife. - War veterans

17 Nov 14:37
Zimbabweans are desperate for change

17 Nov 14:35
We are giving an ultimatum to Mugabe - war veterans chief

17 Nov 14:32
We support who the Zimbabweans love, who they chose. That is what we will do.

17 Nov 14:32
We have been reaching out to all the political parties. We have reached out to the white farmers, the business community, the diaspora... We are building another united front to get rid of the G40 and Mugabe.

17 Nov 14:31

17 Nov 14:29

Mutsvangwa says the present crisis was triggered by the treatment of Mnangagwa

Mutsvangwa says he believes the treatment of Mnangagwa must have offended many young men in the military

17 Nov 14:27
Mutsvangwa says Grace is mad. She wants to be president of this country, that's madness.

17 Nov 14:26

17 Nov 14:25

17 Nov 14:22
Mutsvangwa: The fireworks are coming tomorrow

17 Nov 14:20
In our fight during the war, we never bothered about leaders. We bothered about the direction we are going. We are not preoccupied by leaders, that is the job of the political parties

17 Nov 14:18

Mutsvangwa calls Grace's attempts to become president "sheer madness"

Watch this space tomorrow if this man is trying to stick to power like things are normal

The Zimbabwe military are professionals; we are revolutionaries.

17 Nov 14:18
There is no going back about Mugabe. Period. We have declared and there is no going back. He must leave. The population must come support us tomorrow.

17 Nov 14:17

17 Nov 14:15
I'm telling you we are visionaries as war veterans. We are the past and we are the future.

17 Nov 14:14
We are pro business, we are pro investment. - War veterans

17 Nov 14:14

'If Mugabe becomes stubborn, we'll arrange for him to be fired Sunday,' says Zanu-PF official

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party is reportedly gearing up to recall its long-time leader Robert Mugabe from office if the nonagenarian resists pressure from the army to quit.

17 Nov 14:09
The vote is central to our efforts as war veterans. Democracy is central. We fought for democracy. The war veterans of Zimbabwe are behind the constitution of Zimbabwe. We just want to get rid of these thieves.

17 Nov 14:09
Mutsvangwa says they want to show the international community that they can do this peacefully and without violence

17 Nov 14:04

Mugabe was going around with his wife stage managing rallies. Tomorrow people will come without any support.

That is the signal we want to send him and hope he makes an appropriate decision.

17 Nov 14:03

17 Nov 14:02
Mutsvangwa appeals to businesses and business owners, the churches and the diaspora to show support at the rally

17 Nov 14:01
We want to restore our pride and tomorrow is the day

17 Nov 14:01
This is a national under taking where everyone should come show support for the army

17 Nov 14:00
We want Zimbabweans to be as disciplined as they are. No violence, no looting

17 Nov 13:59
There is no constituent in Zimbabwe more important than the people of Zimbabwe... Their decision on the ground is final

17 Nov 13:59

He makes a decision today to leave, it's up to him.  

Tomorrow is different. We have a rally... We are appealing to all the population of Zimbabwe to come to that rally.  

He thought he had people. Tomorrow he will see.  

If he doesn't, we will settle the scores tomorrow  

17 Nov 13:56

Mutsvangwa says Mugabe must leave the office

We are on the same page of the Zimbabwe population which has suffered 15 to 20 years of abject poverty

We are here to put an end to that. We want to create hope for Zimbabwe

17 Nov 13:56
The army is there to protect the constitution of the Republic. We are giving an ultimatum to Mugabe. This pretence that things are normal; going to university, that's not true

17 Nov 13:54
The way he has treated us since independence, it's nonsense

17 Nov 13:54

There's an impression he makes that he did the war veteran's a favour. No, the favour goes the other way.  

Mutsvangwa says Mugabe owes him a few favours.

17 Nov 13:53
Zimbabwe war veterans want Mugabe out of power

17 Nov 13:51

Our body is not for the protection of governance, we abide by the law

We change situations... We have pedigree to that

17 Nov 13:49

Mutsvangwa says he loves the statement that this isn't a coup, but a military correction

He says the military are professionals. They protect the constitution, they protect the borders of Zimbabwe... We are saluting them for what they did. They have done a fantastic job to date. They have done it in such a way that there has not been a loss of life

They have done their part up to now and we are very happy

17 Nov 13:47
I want to assure the war veterans of Zimbabwe that we have the full support of the war veterans of South Africa, the government of South Africa

17 Nov 13:46

Between now and tomorrow we are giving a very strong warning to Mugabe and his wife, he is done, finished. He won't be allowed to continue

People in attendance claps hands following Mutsvangwa's warning

17 Nov 13:46
No African country suffered like Zimbabwe suffered

17 Nov 13:46
Mutsvangwa says the war veteran's won't allow Grace to seize power

17 Nov 13:44

17 Nov 13:43
He is refusing a correction by the generals. The generals have done a fantastic job for the Zimbabwe population

17 Nov 13:42

These are guys with a historic mission. This week they made an important decision

To deal with a senile old man who had lost control of his wife

17 Nov 13:41
Chairperson of the Zimbabwe liberation movement Christopher Mutsvangwa thanks the military for their work. "We salute them"

17 Nov 13:18

17 Nov 13:15

17 Nov 13:10

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