Tata ma problems

2010-02-22 08:04

I have a huge problem with Powerball. Not only because I didn't win the R91m, but because it makes no sense in a South African situation.

It’s a big hit in first world countries and sure it’s popular here, but the UK and US model of winner takes all doesn't really fit well in Africa.

First of all, I reckon that winning R30m is just as much life changing at winning R91m.

Think about it. The woman who won the R91m a week ago said she was going to invest the money and live off the interest. Right now she could probably get eight percent, conservatively speaking. 

That means every month she will have R606 000 to spend. Ok, knock off the tax she will have to pay and that still leaves her with R320 000 a month.

Do the sums on half that amount and its still living in unbelievable luxury for the rest of your life.

Powerball problem

My big problem with Powerball is that millions of South Africans play it not because it "would be nice to be rich" but because they see it as a way of getting themselves out of abject poverty, hunger and the perennial battle to bring their children up in something other than squalor.

The people who invest R3.50 in the Lotto or Powerball and win the lowest prize get R11.

What on earth use is R11 to anybody?  It will manage to keep a starving family away from death for about ten minutes.

The same applies for the bigger prizes like getting three numbers right. They get R21. Yay.

And for three numbers right plus the Powerball they get R500. OK, so that starts looking a bit better. R500 to a poor person is big bucks. But, it’s not exactly life-changing. It is merely death delaying.

I reckon it would be a lot better if, when there is a total pool of R105m, instead of making the first prize R91m, make it R30m. Still a huge amount of money in anybody's language.

I reckon the prize payout needs to be re-calculated to increase, for example, that R500 prize to something a bit more meaningful and life changing.

I reckon too, that if more people were to win meaningful money, participation in the Lotto and Powerball would increase and instead of someone winning an obscene R100m once in a blue moon, thousands more would have a life changing experience.

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  • NCT - 2010-02-22 08:23

    Your argument does make sense in one aspect, it certainly would increase the quality of life of the poorest, but then again it would also create a considerable amount of wealth for those who can afford to buy 100 lotto tickets every month. In that regard it doesn't make sense at all. Lotto wouldn't make a profit as it will no doubt be abused by those who have the finances to spend large amounts on lotto tickets, and given the odds of getting 3 numbers, this would be a very profitable abuse. Rather what should happen is that Gidani should get its head out of its arse and start spending the profits of lotto on those whom its intended for: the poverty stricken public of our country.

  • Koochie - 2010-02-22 08:38

    Couldn't agree more !! I say increase the amount of money on the smaller number winners, that way everyone wins, if we win more money on smaller numbers, we will play more, which will also make the national lottery happy. See win-win situation!

  • The Priest - 2010-02-22 08:53

    Gambling will not help the poor. Lotto gives many people something to dream about. This is what makes them happy.

  • eram - 2010-02-22 09:55

    i will play more if i can win more

  • Twisted - 2010-02-22 09:59

    Being old, I can remember some of the things said before we had a lottery, like: "If we had a lottery in this country it would generate so much income we wouldn't need income tax." Oh yeah. The only positive thing I can say about the PowerBall is that one has about the same chance of winning it as you have of been killed in a plane crash - and I'm nervous about flying.

  • P - 2010-02-22 10:02

    well atleast im one that doesnt see myself playing lotto or powerball.guess im delayed to play i would love to some time.ya i wouldnt mind to win the jackpot but yes i do agree the poor people needs to benefit out of it but calculating the monies over wont be such a good idea,people will start getting greeding but the bibel says all will become richer at the end of the day....oe mistake will be all will forget about the lord...

  • morena - 2010-02-22 10:26

    my sentiments exactly, couldn't have said it better myself, i have written to gidani asikng them to review thier pay outs and how better else could the money be despensed, without any response.

    i say if the winning reach in this case 90, why not have five draws each with the value of 10m and the rest will obivously fall to 3, 4 numbers ect

  • Fred - 2010-02-22 10:30

    'It’s a big hit in first world countries and sure it’s popular here' is dead right!

    All over the world, including South Africa, the bigger the prize, the more tickets are sold.

    So the ticket buying public like the big prizes.

  • Sandra - 2010-02-22 10:54

    I would still play if the payout was R30m. I think it's a brilliant idea to spread the wealth. There are millions of people in this country whose lives would be transformed if they won R500 000.

  • Percy - 2010-02-22 11:40

    my sentiments exactly. spreading the winning around would change life for a lot of people rather than one person who is not even going to enjoy the money as the say goes" more money more problems"

  • The Truth about gambling - 2010-02-22 12:09

    When you buy a lottery ticket, you are worshipping the goddess (idol) of luck instead of putting your faith in God to provide in all your wants and needs. In so doing, you deprive yourself of God's blessings and invite poverty and loss into your life.

  • sandra - 2010-02-22 12:41

    To the truth about gambling. Firstly, get a life. Secondly, if I win the 91 million and I donate 10% of it to the church, I suspect they won't refuse it.

  • Ray - 2010-02-22 13:15

    Chris. I totally agree with you. R91 million can make a big difference to a small poverty stricken community. That goes without saying "the rich will get richer and the poort poorer"

  • LC - 2010-02-22 13:25

    Simple statistics around any lotto is as follows: expected winnings must be less than the price of the ticket, otherwise everyone will make money in the long run and the thing will collapse. Hence, people who do not have money for food and bare necessities should NEVER play the lotto. Every week for one year = R3.50 x 52 = R182 and expected winnings are negligble.

  • Pete - 2010-02-22 14:12

    To the author:

    The logic of your argument makes no sense? Why stop at reducing it to R30m? Why not R10m? Even R100k is more money than most people in SA can imagine.

    Whether or not you agree with a lottery or not, the reality is that the super sized jackpot draws most people to play? Notice how quickly the jackpot rose once we had all those rollover amounts? The bigger the jackpot, the more people play...

    The challenge is not reducing or limiting the size of the jackpot, but rather make sure that the rest of the money collected is distributed to worthy causes in a prompt manner

  • madchicken - 2010-02-22 15:02

    ITS a LOTTERY, not a CHARITY. Money is donated from it anyways. People play it because its all about winning that BIG dream. How about this, when you win the lottery one day, and its 91bar, lets see if you are willing to divide it 10 ways, because its the right thing to do? I dont think so.

  • Neville - 2010-02-22 15:13

    If you calculate, you will see the lowest amount won equaled 230000, that multiplied by 500 = 115 million. Sorry but your idea would not work.

  • PETERE - 2010-02-22 15:21

    Wake up. The lottery is a business and big jackpots sell tickets. Years ago Uthingo offered a special day with doubled prizes instead of a guaranteed R20m. It didn't work. No one was interested in having their R20 doubled to R40!
    Having said that I and others are convinced that the organisers rig it to decide when and how many jackpot winners there should be. So they could just have easily declared 3 winners at R30m each if it suited their marketing. (Have you ever noticed how the jackpots always roll over in the draws running up to pay day, to make the attraction bigger when people have money in their pockets!)If you don't believe me remember the day on live TV when the announcer read out the winning numbers BEFORE they came out!

  • zane - 2010-02-22 16:37

    i dont trust lotto i been playing never won is it rigged?

  • Bad idea - 2010-02-22 16:50

    If I were to win, I have to spread the money to my family of 213 and then 30million doesn't seem so much anymore

  • SSS - 2010-02-22 17:48

    8% a year

  • Vico - 2010-02-22 20:34

    Someone once said: "Gambling is a tax on people who do not undestand mathematics". This I believe is very true -- the only winners are the Lotto and SARS.

  • Saffer - 2010-02-23 05:03

    Only suckers buy lotto tickets. Charity?? Crap! less than 30% goes to genuine charitable organisations. If you are trying to buy your way into heaven then donate directly to a well-run non-profit organisation.

    Otherwise admit you may as well go gambling at Caesars ...

  • Bertus - 2010-02-23 08:18

    @petere I totally agree with you that the organisers rig the lottery round paydays the middle of the month and the end of the month. And how is it always possible that only people in KZN, Cape Town sometimes Limpopo win the lottery. You will never read of a Gauteng person winning such a big lottery. The machines are picky hey? And as you mentioned Petere how on earth could they know what the winning numbers is before a draw and on live TV read the numbers that the machine will pick. I wonder if the big winners realy exist, maybe someone is busy pocketing the lotto money

  • Ian - 2010-02-23 11:08

    The Lotto is rigged.....end of story. that incident on TV proved if only the starving masses who waste their money on this would take note and save their money,
    I bet the only winners are ANC Party members......or cronies of the Malenoma's form the ANCYL

  • Davita Mbeva - 2010-02-23 11:21

    Lotto is a day-light robbery business. "Muchayeni" is a fair game because the operator does not know the numbers played by gamblers in advance before a draw.With lotto is the direct opposite, Gidani knows what you played in advance before a draw. We are screwed.

  • Martin - 2010-02-23 12:20

    I fully agree with you why can't more people gain something from playing the lotto so religously

  • pawsaw - 2010-02-23 20:17

    Some really good points raised here. I prefer to give my few extra pennies where I know the recipients will benfit the most. Who needs R91 million for heaven's sake? I wouldn't want it as it would bring more problems and I sure as heck can't take it with me. Look what happened to the guy who was named as the winner? Every man and his dog came out with a begging bowl wanting him to share it.Less is more but gamblers are greedy people and if the prize is not big enough they won't play. Kind of like spoilt children in a sulk because the reward is not what they want.

  • Panga - 2010-02-23 22:11

    Its good that lotto is meant for charity, however playing it with high hopes of winning is just frustrating yourself! There is an unproven theory that the balls that gets drawn are made heavier so that they come out- no wonder they must do the draw computer has done the tallying of numbers! Of cause they are moments when a ball accidentally come out which is light and then someone becomes the winner before the intented period! I guess its more than rigging! because these guys produce the winner when they recked in the millions they want! I agree with majority who say the price money must be shared to some extent, so as to make it more enticing to the poor man who sacrifice the little he has hoping, one day to throw away the blanket of poverty!

  • CJ - 2010-02-24 08:19

    I couldnt agree more, I think it is criminal to take from the poor of the poor who take thew chances with the hope that if and when they get something it will as you rihgtfully say "Life changing.Who can be lobbyied to get this changed?

  • bb - 2010-02-27 21:09

    I agree 100%.It should be more evenly spread around.

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