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Dear Nehawu anarchists and bullies

2015-11-16 07:40

Cedric Mboyisa

Dear Nehawu anarchists and bullies,

For a house divided asunder, I must congratulate you on the united front demonstrated over performance bonus payment issue. Bravo!

It is no secret that I agree with you that the performance bonuses should be calculated using the annual total package.

Ask the shop steward for the Parliamentary Communication Services (PCS) – if he is honest enough he will tell you the truth.

As a Nehawu member in good standing (as far as I know), I have been fully behind the union in its negotiations with the institution’s management to use the annual total package as a basis for the calculation of the performance bonus.

As you would know, the agreement between Nehawu and Parliament states that the payment of the performance bonus shall be based on a “total package”.

Now you don’t have to be a scientist to see that the wording of this agreement gives rise to semantics – this is open to at least two interpretations, it could mean monthly or annual total package. I am for the annual one.

You would recall that ours is a country with laws that have to be adhered to. So everything has to be done within the constraints of the law. Nobody is above the law.

So when the union decided to embark on an unprotected and illegal protest action within the parliamentary precinct, some of us who still have the ability to think independently became worried.

As much as I believe in the notion of democratic centralism, I reserve my right to disregard decisions with illegal connotations. I am sure you’re aware there are other legal options or avenues which could be used to resolve this impasse.

Those of us who refused to be part of the illegal protest were subjected to victimisation, intimidation and threats by the marauding Nehawu lynch mob who went from floor to floor calling us “sellouts and amagundane (rats)”.

Some colleagues were left traumatised and shaken by this. I remained unshaken, for nobody can instill fear in me or bully me – I have been subjected to far worse than Nehawu cowards who adopt a lynch mob mentality once they become part of an unruly crowd.

I have been vilified and targeted for releasing media alerts and statements as directed by the management of Parliament. My name has become the talk of Parliament. The PCS shop steward announced on Wednesday on his Facebook account that “Cdes (Comrades) do not be worried about the actions of Cedric Mboyisa. The GC (General Council) took a resolution to expel (I think he meant to write “terminate”) his membership”. It was the first time to hear about the alleged termination of my membership.

By the way, it is not the first the same union official opted to use Facebook to discuss internal issues... earlier this year he wrote a comment on Facebook that he and I would be deciding the appointment of a Principal Communication Officer. He was responding to a comment by a former intern in our unit. Unbecoming conduct perpetrated with impunity, if you ask me.

I think it is preposterous that I would be “expelled” without having been accorded an opportunity to state my case.  So it is obvious this was a decision of a kangaroo court masquerading as a Nehawu General Council.

Since I am labelled a rat, one can only imagine what sort of animals sit on a kangaroo court. Sorry I can never be sorry for refusing to be part of a lynch mob which has been unleashing anarchy and hooliganism. For example, how would I justify the disrupting of committee meeting and the use of bully tactics? I am guided by rational thinking and my conscience. I will never lose any sleep if I am despised by some of you for thinking right.

After all, I am at Parliament to work. Making friends or being liked is not my priority here.

Let us zoom in on the current state of Nehawu at Parliament, shall we. I put it to you that Nehawu branch at Parliament has so-called leaders with dictatorial tendencies who only want members with a sheep mentality. For crying out loud, even God has given people free will. So who the heck is Nehawu to take away people’s free will?

I will tell you what has become of Nehawu branch at Parliament...

- A divided leadership preoccupied with ousting each other thereby neglecting some critical worker issues
- Nehawu officials who try to get some people appointed by hook or crook
- Hypocrites who ignore EE stats during interview or appointment processes and try to block some external candidates from being employed by Parliament even if they perform exceptionally well during interviews. This is tantamount to shutting out some racial groups who are part of our rainbow nation
- Nehawu top dogs bark at panel members when the recruitment process does not favour their preferred candidates. Some panel members have been accused of “political grandstanding”

In conclusion, you see, I am not apologetic for not becoming part of a lynch mob hellbent on terrorising those who dare to disagree or hold different views. I look forward to hearing from you. Rest assured, you will hear from me again. Chew on that!

*Cedric Mboyisa is a Newsroom Specialist for Parliament

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