Jean Barker

Stop it, America

2016-09-23 08:04

Jean Barker

There’s a popular question on the OkCupid dating app that wants to know: In a certain light, wouldn't nuclear war be exciting? The obvious answer is yes...of course it would be exciting...

But does that mean we should have a nuclear war?

No, of course not. This isn’t nipple clamps, or forced enemas, or anything we might survive with a few welts or bruises. The brief thrill would soon be followed by the realization that we were all actually gonna dieeeeeeeee!

Likewise, electing Trump isn’t some kind of “game changer” that, though gross, would “Make America Great Again”. It’s the 10th Tequila. It’s going to result in a walk of shame that never, ever, ever, ever ends, people.

Bro don't get Anything But Trump

I’m noticing a pronounced racial divide on this issue. Bernie Sanders, being a rational human being and an actual adult, of course endorsed Hilary Clinton. He may not love her, but like me, he wants Anything but Trump. However, many of his (mostly white, mostly politically idiotic) young support base has argued that “Hilary is just as bad”.

That’s a lot like saying, in 1933, that “Kurt von Schleicher is just as bad as Hitler”. Let’s break this down, and this begins with admitting Schleicher wasn’t a nice guy. For instance, had a Kangeroo Court going for people suspected of helping the Allies enforce the (totally unfair) reparations after WWI. He was a dick.  Which was a useful stance to take as a voter, so long as you weren’t Jewish.

The thing is, that even if you loathe Hilary Clinton, and her foreign policy, she is, without any doubt, better than Trump, just like Schleicher was better than Hitler.

In addition, Hitler wasn’t democratically elected, making Germany less responsible for Nazi Germany than the American people will be if they choose to elect Trump.

But surely, American’s wouldn’t DO that?

If you’re South African, and you’re asking that, then you should know better, because Americans are human too, and we got Zuma. But, moving on...

Americans are in severe danger of electing Donald Trump. Hilary Clinton, today 22nd September, only has a 41% vs 36% lead, and that’s not taking into account the state-based electoral system, which means she could lose even if she gets more votes than Donald does.

Many white Americans are not rational voters, and they think they are having a hard time, because they think they’re entitled to the privileges they once enjoyed because of racism. At least 60 percent of Trump’s supporters are voting for him because they believe in one or another part of his fear and hate mongering. When Clinton called half his voters a “basket of deplorables”, she was being kind.

I also sense that many people are voting for him as an angry stunt, the way people bang the wrong guy after a breakup. Worse still, a crucial minority are about to put him in power by not voting at all, or by voting for one of the outlier candidates, like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, whose platform doesn’t matter, because they can’t win – not this year, anyhow. Even those saying it “doesn’t matter in their state” are wrong. Their voting will make the winner more legit, or less, no matter what the legal verdict.

Democracy is work

What the political brats of all ages, races, and sizes don’t seem to get is that you can’t wait for the election to suddenly and magically “create” a third party. If you want one, the work starts now. It’s boring. That’s what work is, kids.

Maybe Bernie could win in 2020 (if you don’t believe he already did by changing the platform using the power of his support). Or, maybe Elizabeth Warren could. Or maybe someone else, like Michele Obama could. But this entitled and lazy electorate just doesn’t seem to get that this is a national, and international emergency.

A disaster for America

Americans like to believe they’re the good guys. It’s a habit, like thinking you’re cute if you are 80 and still flirting with Marines. They assume it, deeply, in a way other countries don’t. This is what is so charming about Americans – they really believe. I wish I were them – not a white South African, who knows they suck.

This sense of being the “good guys” has become such a habit that nothing seems to shake it, not even Vietnam. But if Trump wins, this will change, because the world (if it’s not destroyed once he has his finger on the nuclear buttons) will quickly be even more ruined than it already was by Dubya, and by his opportunistic reaction to 911.  America is powerful. We all have solid reasons to care who’s POTUS. In a way, people who aren’t Americans have more reasons to fear Trump than people who are have.

Trump shows every indication of facism, and if he becomes the leader of the so-called free world, the actual free world will never forgive America, just like the entire world has never forgiven Germany.

No matter how much Germany has tried to make it up to the world, despite all the reparations they’ve paid (while Turkey and the USA paid none for the genocides they perpetuated on Armenians and in Japan) Germany is, and probably always will be associated with two things: Nazis, and people who poop on glass tables while someone else lies underneath it and whacks off.

So please, America. Think of Trump as that boyfriend who cheated on you, or hurt you way too much. No amount of intellectualizing or great make-up sex, or straight up lies, will truly convince your gut that you should trust them to care about you, ever again. Nothing will ever make your friends like them. He is who he is. He can’t help it.

Don’t go back to him, America. Please just walk away.

Jean earned an MFA in Directing and Screenwriting and works in the LA film industry. She tweets as @jeanbarker and blogs pictures of signs and more, here. She will be back.

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